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“We have worked with George & Gecko for a number of years now, and always found him and his work to be very professional and efficient. We have tried other companies in the past but Gecko definitely stands out above the rest, with his prices and work ethic being 2nd to none. Whenever we have needed anything regarding our website which he built, George is always there straight away to help, with any issues normally resolved within the hour! George has become a good friend and trusted member of the Latchi watersports team and we look forward to working with him and Gecko for many years to come”

Latchi Watersports Centre
‘Where the Land ends, the fun begins…’

Gecko - paphos website design

“Gecko Website design service has proven to be one of our very best decisions. The service has been phenomenal! Customer service couldn’t be better. The overall website is easy to use and looks stunning and very professional. We highly recommend that if anyone is thinking of having a highly professional website designed at a sensible price, then Gecko Design is the one to go for”.

Karen Kendall & Andrea Morrelli
Kendall & Morrelli

Gecko - paphos website design

“Θέλουμε να ευχαριστήσουμε θερμά τον George Canterbury για τον σχεδιασμό την υλοποίηση και την συνεχή υποστίρηξη του νέου μας ιστότοπου ””
Είχαμε άμεση και στενή συνεργασία μαζί του για να του μεταφέρουμε τις ανάγκες της εταιρείας μας, τις οποίες κατανόησε άμεσα και με την εμπειρία του σχεδίασε έναν λειτουργικό και εύχρηστο ιστότοπο, σε αρκετά σύντομο διάστημα, και σε μια πολύ λογική τιμή”.

Nikos Korres
Mangoian Bros. Ltd.

Gecko - paphos website design

“Before I had even met George at Gecko Design, I already had a good feeling about what he was able to offer.

Unbeknown to George I was actually in the market for a new website, so he approached me at the optimal time.  From our very first meeting I became increasingly more impressed with his flair and creativity.  His open minded approach and flexibility were perfect for me, as I am stubborn and difficult to please.

Having sat with George and discussed thoughts and ideas for about an hour, George rapidly produced a stunning new website that was far more appealing and interactive than my previous site.

After another short meeting and a few ideas and tweaks my amazing new website was born.  The transfer from my old web server went fairly smoothly and everything worked perfectly.

This excellent service has been since been followed up with George setting up emails accounts on my laptop, phone and PC.  George has also provided training to allow me to update the site independently and has explained how the various modules work on the site.  This was also accompanied with a basic handout with an overview of the various modules and how they operate.

The entire service that George has provided is invaluable.  Mostly importantly George is very easy going and responsive.  He understands his market, is receptive to his clients and equally as important offers a quality service at an affordable price.  George hasn’t learnt to walk on water yet, but with some practise I am sure he will eventually.  Thank you George.”

Mark Davies
‘Sunshine Carers Cyprus’


Gecko - paphos website design

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