Archangel Michael Hospice

18th September 2018 gecko

Archangel Michael Hospice

A new website is on the way for Archangel Michael Hospice in Paphos. The intention is to modernise all online assets of the hospice and aid them in communicating effectively with as wide an audience as possible.

archangel michael hospice | Gecko, Cyprus Website Design

Amazing care is on hand at Archangel Michael Hospice in Paphos

Their mission:

“Adding life to days, when days can no longer be added to life”

Palliative care is so important yet often overlooked until a family really needs that kind of support. Archangel Michael Hospice is headed up by Mona Skordi (General Manager). Mona is supported by a brilliant team of qualified doctors, nurses and volunteer support staff. The hospice provides free palliative care for anyone that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and who needs help until the end of their life. However long that might be. And, not just the patient. They also provide advice and support for friends and family.

Nestled in the low hills below Mesa Chorio, the hospice itself is a nicely designed modern building that is both tranquil and a real haven for all residents. The hospice opened in 2015. Funded by monies raised by an enthusiastic and dedicated team of volunteers. Today, the running costs are met by charitable donations, fundraising and the dedication of everyone involved.

archangel michael hospice | Gecko, Cyprus Website Design

The new look website will help those in need find out more about the services offered. There will be in-depth information on fundraising activities and events. And, a hugely expanded blog area to provide as much useful content as possible. Lastly, the website will also be in two languages; English & Greek.

So, remember to come back soon to in the meantime, that doesn’t stop you from Liking and Sharing their Facebook Page.

You may see an under-construction page for a while. However, you’ll be able to still get in contact with Archangel Michael Hospice on:

Archangel Michael Hospice
Mesa Chorio, Paphos, Cyprus

If you think that we might be able to help you too, please get in touch.

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