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Abolishing ‘money’ to make way for CBDC’s (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and turn the world into a cashless society has been spoken of for a long time. In the past few months, however, it has been undoubtedly a hot topic on the lips of a growing number of people.

The reasoning for bringing about a cashless society is to prevent money laundering, tax avoidance and other nefarious enterprises. Something the elites of this world partake in daily.

But, don’t be fooled – it is nothing of the kind. It is the newest layer of control, and they wish to accelerate its implementation because…

… concurrently, a great many more ordinary people have been investing in unregulated Cryptocurrencies for the first time. And that cannot be allowed.

New Crypto retail investors have unexpectedly found themselves with time on their hands during the plandemic.

Business closures and furlough money along with restrictions of movement meant that many people for the first time, had a chance, to dabble in the market. For most, there was little else to do. Through studying Crypto assets, people have had the chance to make a little money. Albeit a slim chance. And good for them!

Whilst hopeful of enriching themselves, new investors will have discovered unending information concerning Crypto. They have likely read and encountered terms and words never before used in their vocabulary. Abbreviations like FIAT, ATH, ETF, NFT, dApp and of course, the SEC. Whether something is ‘fungible’ or ‘non-fungible (no, not mushrooms) is something you endlessly must remember. Our personal favourite is ‘shitcoin’. The infamous coins that, at face value, serve no purpose – no utility! 

That’s a word (‘utility’) used countless times in every tweet or blog post, but that prior simply meant for many of us our electric, gas or water supply.

“The beauty of the Cryptocurrency Market is, of course, that it is unregulated. For how long that will remain the case is anybody’s guess. “

The downside to investing in an unregulated crypto market is the continual price pumping and dumping experienced by retail investors. Newbies find it incredibly irritating to discover that ‘pump & dump’ masterminded by ‘Whales’ (huge investment houses, banks and makers of electric cars) constitutes a rollercoaster of a ride from the get-go. Large banks and other organisations that once found Crypto so loathsome now cannot wait to get their sticky hands on some. And you’re not invited. Driving prices up or down seemingly at will serves their purpose of buying low and selling high – only to repeat it just a few days or weeks later.

Live prices…

When regulation of a kind does arrive, it brings with it an odious sleight of hand and conflict of interest.

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) are locked in a battle with Ripple, the developer of the XRP Token. It is a long but not overly complicated story. In summary, to protect Bitcoin and Etherium from the 3rd most popular ‘coin’ XRP, the SEC declares that XRP is a security and not a digital asset or digital currency. There is a difference. 

Significantly, the SEC has been accused of picking winners and losers in the Cryptocurrency market. And most investors hope that the SEC executives will be exposed in time. Countless people have bought XRP because its utility is superior to almost every other coin in the marketplace. It is distinctly attractive because of the chance to make serious money. That is not an opportunity that the global elites wish to share with us.

However, there is one fly in the ointment regarding XRP for which it is universally despised, and that is its involvement in CBDC’s.

The next step in worldwide domination of the masses by global elites and governments is Central Bank Digital Currency. Did you know that all Central Banks are Privately owned Banks? The City of London that houses the Bank of England is actually a corporation headed by the Lord Mayor of the City of London. This office is separate and much older than the office of the Mayor of London. The City even has its own police force.

The Bank of England is lobbying the U.K. Government to make CBDC’s programmable.

Irradicating cash (and perhaps Crypto) from our society means that every single transaction YOU MAKE is accounted for and tracked. And, if a CBDC is programmable, it means if they think, for example, something you wish to purchase could be socially harmful in some manner, the transaction would be blocked. No? Couldn’t happen? That’s not what Boris thinks; 12 days after publishing this blog post – another revelation! See below…

Want a second bottle of wine this week?
Forget it!

Every detail of your life is reported and used against you at the press of a button or with the scan of a Q.R. code. Lose points for lack of exercise, smoking & drinking or for posting irreverent content on social media. Gain points for volunteer work, paying bills on time and praising your overlords.

Governments’ and special advisers receive their orders from enormously influential people. Through the Global public-private partnership initiative, cooperation is established between international organisations like the United Nations and WHO, governments and private companies. These are the people that rule the world. The same people with more combined wealth than 6.9 of the 7.9 billion people living on this planet today.

Pandemics, Climate, Banking, Terrorism and Security emergencies are their instruments. Fabricated disasters will materialise with frightening regularity but from which they will be exempt. And, with this immunity comes the capability to appropriate everything you own.

It is a well-established fact how enriched these people have become since Covid-19 began and the colossal transfer in wealth continues. Just last week, Merck announced that they are seeking a EUA for their new SARS-Cov-2 pill “Molnupiravir” that costs roughly $714 for each course of treatment. That is 40 x the $17.74 that it cost Merck to develop and produce the drug. I say ‘cost Merck’, but insultingly funding for the tablet was provided by the U.S. Government – or rather, the U.S. Taxpayer. Worth noting is that this is the introductory price and has been heavily discounted apparently. You couldn’t make it up.

Yielding freedom is NOT an option. Freedom is not earned; it is a fundamental right of the human condition.

And, here is why!

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Abandon this cashless society and make sure Crypto is never regulated. End Vaccine Passports and resist this unelected global takeover of humanity – because we didn’t vote for any of this!

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