Cornerstone Content and Search Engines

19th June 2018 gecko

The importance of identifying your cornerstone content in your web design helps Google and other search engines understand and therefore prioritise your content.

Your most read (visited) pages and posts are often great candidates for cornerstone content marketing. It helps search engines understand what are your priorities. Ideal when you have many posts mentioning the same topics. One page or post stands out, and Google and others emphasise it accordingly.

Prioritising your content avoids search engine ranking competition – from your own pages

Granted, sounds odd. However, assuming you have a large website, you may already have many posts that touch on the same subject. Therefore, logically you’d hope that many of them would feature high-up in Search Engine results. But, not always so. Especially if they end up competing with each other.

Cornerstone content, therefore, is a process of identifying a particular page or post that delivers ‘more’ on that chosen topic. That is hopefully engaging. And, by describing it as such, you’ll be telling the search engines what content prioritise for indexing. Of course, that doesn’t mean your other pages will not be found. 

Why is that important you think? Well, by working harder in this way helps you and your website develop an authoritative voice.

There are several ways to achieve that in Search Engines

This “flagship content” can be easily defined by you, the website owner. You are creating a positive first impression. This content helps! It’s informative, well written and It helps a new website visitor quickly identify and understand what you have to offer. Your other ‘related’ pages and posts can of course link directly to your cornerstone content. You’re not actually doing anything differently (nor should you) except to say “THIS IS MY MOST IMPORTANT CONTENT FOR THIS SUBJECT”

Using the right tools in your website enables you to categorise your cornerstone content and build upon it. And:

In addition to cornerstone content, you can develop a plan for inbound marketing strategy. It’s more about attracting people rather than trying to find them. But more on that when we blog later this month

Cornerstone Content and Google Analytics | Gecko Design

Are you using Google Analytics effectively?

So often we see people create their website, add initial content and never really do anything more. Without building upon a great design, and good content, a website quickly becomes stale. And, visitors are quick to identify an ‘abandoned website’

It’s a key part of our maintenance services. We help clients stay up-to-date.

Adding quality content on a regular basis is crucial to the success of any website. If you don’t. Well, you may as well have never bothered in the first place. Search engine algorithms change regularly. If you don’t adapt to these changing requirements regularly it shouldn’t surprise you when your rankings drop. This is particularly important ‘right now’ because Google is putting more emphasis on in-depth, long and detailed content. Gone are the days of adding a keyword and expecting to rank. Now, search engines demand more. Quite rightly. As such, they are looking for more explanation and authority.

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