Cyprus Website Design Trends 2017

28th October 2016
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28th October 2016 gecko

Cyprus Website Design Trends 2017

Cyprus Website Design Trends 2017? The imperative is finally here! The need to design for “Mobile First” couldn’t be clearer.

Oh, and we’re not ignoring tablet devices. 25% of all mobile users in the USA only surf the internet using their mobile device. Trends we have witnessed here in Cyprus, with a booming tourist industry confirm the same trend. In some instances, 75% of visitors to tourism-related websites are using a mobile phone or tablet. And, no doubt this is echoed in cities where the business trend will be very similar indeed.

Video Backgrounds

The case for video backgrounds and Cinemagraphs is more and more relevant as we look forward to innovations in 2017. Using video in the right context, in the background of a website page can be stunning to see (if you’re using something other than a mobile device of course). Even so, now with tools used to interpret the device being used to view a website, we can create many options. Such as; video background for Desktop & Laptop users, and Cinemagraph for Tablet and Mobile users. And, as the internet gets faster and faster, these video backgrounds will simply explode!


The animation is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance. There was a time that it turned-off just about everyone. Nowadays, however, there are better routes to getting custom animations produced at a much lower cost. Some time ago, you needed special software or plugins installed on your device. Now with modern coding techniques, everyone can access bespoke, company related animations that not only look good but also tell a story. We’d expect this to the be next BIG thing for 2017

Parallax & ‘Lazy’ Loading

We’ve been implementing both techniques throughout 2016 and it really does make a difference to the time a website takes to load, and to the enjoyment of visiting a website. Lazy Loading means that images will only appear for your visitor on their device as they get to that actual image… speeding up the load time of the website generally. And, in the age of wider access from mobile devices, (perhaps even making use of mobile data) lazy-loading is a crucial implementation for any web-designer. A fantastic user interaction no matter the device used. Combining Parallax with Lazy-loading is a no-brainer, and achieves a quasi-animation feel anyway. Parallax is an engaging and cool presentation tool for any website owner.

Big Typography

People often forget that typography is really important. The style, the size and colour of the font is what draws your eye instantly and it demands a response from any website visitor. Sure, images can tell a story, but the text draws the visitor deeper into any website. Where you are waiting with the content they crave! One of the way to achieve this look and feel with over-sized type that simply dominates the viewport (the viewable portion of the page).

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