6th February 2015
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6th February 2015 gecko

Our unique children’s grohanger set has been selling in major retailers and internationally for over 7 years. Our new upgraded product now features jaws on each hanger to hold trousers and skirts and new improved clips. Search grohanger on google to read 5* customers reviews.

The grohanger extendable children’s hanger was designed in the UK and originally launched in 2003.

It was created by Nick Lewis, who identified a problem with standard baby and children’s hangers, when hanging his children’s clothes. Baby hangers became useless by the age of 3 with tops falling on the floor. This meant buying more hangers, which also didn’t really fit properly. Also it was difficult to find a baby and children’s hanger that held skirts and trousers. The trousers always slipped off the trouser bar and hangers with clips tended to be expensive wood hangers.

There wasn’t an extendable hanger designed to fit all sizes and all types of clothes from birth to 12 years. So the grohanger was designed, patented and brought to market and has solved all these problems for thousands of parents around the world. We are delighted that the grohanger has resulted in far fewer hangers ending up in landfill as it literally grows with your children from birth to 12 years (and can be used for adult skirts and trousers with the added clips), so encourages re-use.

Since launch in 2003 the children’s grohanger now sells all over the world in leading retailers and receives 5 star reviews from parents time after time. The more recent adult range is becoming increasingly popular as individuals and retailers discover the benefits of having adjustable arms and modular clips and trouser bars that enables you to create any size, style or type of hanger.

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