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1st January 2018
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1st January 2018 gecko

Getting a New Website

Uncomplicated, inexpensive with clear and realistic goals.

Following on from our last blog post on the ‘importance of adding content to your blog‘ here are a few pointers on how to build a new website and how to get a great looking website with Gecko Design for 2018. The process is uncomplicated, has clear (and realistic) goals, and is inexpensive.

Great Looking, responsive mobile-orientated websites for everyone in Cyprus!

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Successful websites continually attract and engage visitors leading them through a decision-making process that ultimately results in a sale or a request for further information. Ongoing content and blog publishing help make your website authoritative, by becoming the ‘go-to place‘ for information for that particular interest.

When we launch your brand new website, we help you to create and manage your content strategy. We make incremental improvements throughout the lifetime of your website (if you are using our monthly maintenance service) ensuring that it is always up-to-date and appealing.

Ultimately, you should already know what you wish to achieve.

Being realistic about how much time you can dedicate to owning a successful new website is equally important. If your budget does not allow you to dedicate a full-time staff member for your online ambitions, we can help fill that gap. We routinely provide monthly maintenance services; from general site management and updating, to blog post research and publication. Get in touch to see if and how we can help you build content for your new website on a monthly website care plan.

How do you get started?

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Normally the customer provides all relevant text and images. This should be your own content (created by you) or that for which you have the right to use and disseminate. Stock images can be used if you are a start-up or lack meaningful images and videos. However, care should be taken to ensure that it does not dominate the look ‘n’ feel of your website; rendering it unbelievable or unnaturally contrived.

Stock images can be purchased individually (though often more expensively) at places such as istockphoto and other leading image websites. Other websites offer monthly or annual subscriptions, and whilst the availability of a large and good quality library of images does not exist, they are far more affordable. We also have an extensive stock image library.

Rarely do we take over an existing design or technology.

In our experience, it is quicker and ultimately less-painful for everyone to create a brand new website that can make immediate use of the latest technology. We always opt for a complete redesign.

Typical Development

  • Create user experience and user interface
  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap integration for best practice web standards
  • Responsive breakpoints for tablet and mobile users
  • Use of WordPress (or other) content management systems
  • Search Engine Optimisation (“SEO”) best practices
  • Test and debug of website before launch
  • Launch live website
  • Create website backup schedule
  • Google analytics integration
  • Training included

What does it cost?

Prices vary. As you’d expect. It’s difficult to find a ‘one-price-fits-all’ solution when every business is different. After all, we’re not selling a traditional product.

We know, based on more than 20 years experience, that everyone likes a little ‘project creep’ – whereby one thing is asked for, and little add-ons ‘creep-in’ as the project develops. It is therefore in all our interests to have clearly defined goals from the very beginning. Worth mentioning that we do not add-on any additional fees for 3rd party software purchases. However, we may charge more to integrate 3rd party software it if is a particularly time-consuming process.

Ultimately we’re highly flexible on pricing. If you’re a ‘start-up’ business ask us for a discount; we’re often obliging.

We usually ask for a deposit, the remainder on completion or at logical stages of the development of bigger projects. In certain circumstances, we may charge monthly in-advance from the very beginning; helping you to spread-the-cost of your online marketing.

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What happens after your website is live?

Enjoy 30-days of FREE support to make sure any bugs have been eliminated once your new website goes live. We will already have provided you with sufficient training to maintain your website.

If, after 30-days you feel you need more support, then we will work with you to structure a monthly maintenance care plan. Monthly maintenance includes; content updates, software/plugin updates, and backups. The amount payable for a care plan entirely depends on how much you want, or need us to do.

Many customers also make us an administrator on their social media accounts such as; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and youtube. This means we can provide a one-stop shop for all your content publication and social media sharing.

Hopefully, this brief introduction to the way we work will help you see that our methodology is simple, yet effective.

Feel free to ask any of our clients about us…

Gecko Design print production and adverts for magazines, newspapers, brochures and business cards

We also provide print design services

Get in touch if you want help with print production and adverts for magazines, newspapers, brochures and business cards – email:

We are a small Cyprus website Design company in Polis Chrysochous

Dedicated to building quality websites that are engaging. Our services include search engine optimisation, social media integration. All websites are responsive (they automatically change size and layout to fit any device).

Read more on building a website by reading our posts about ‘cornerstone content‘ and ‘long tail keywords

Get Noticed. Get a quality website.

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Pauline Bailey

Thank goodness for Gecko!

George is now an integral part of our team, his knowledge, technical skills and expertise always readily available to us. From the conception of our website, George took the time to understand our business, our aims and aspirations. We were guided through every stage of design and build and George added some great ideas we hadn’t thought of, resulting in the creation of a custom site that we feel reflects the right image for our company. We are so pleased to have found this company. Highly recommend.

Pauline Bailey

Sevenoaks Chiropractic Clinic


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