Vaccination autonomy couldn’t unite humanity. But, Omicron might?

12th December 2021
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12th December 2021 gecko

The realm in which we exist is full of true lies. It is impossible to say “the realm in which we live” because in no way is this living. Vaccination autonomy (the human right to choose) couldn’t unite humanity.

But what if Omicron could? Perhaps if for no better reason than it brings about the end of the plandemic simply because it is a mild illness.

Government propaganda approved and supported by the mainstream media has been nothing short of astounding, where both are fascinated by this Omicron variant.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises UK health departments. Talking on LBC Radio board member, Dr Maggie Wearmouth GP, said

“We very much work on the basis of education, persuasion and societal judgement…”

[see on Twitter] – What happened to medical science, or indeed facts?

This week, in the UK, apparently just 5 million people remain unvaccinated and are wrecking the nation’s covid recovery plan.

Taking into account that 17% approximately of the UK population is under 12  [see here]. TV Channels and Newspapers grasped that nettle tight ergo “the unvaccinated are the problem, they must be forced to adhere, understand, and made to comply”. 

TV News Channel Good Morning Britain asserted that 90% of people hospitalised in the UK are unvaccinated. However, the actual number is 36% – independently fact-checked correctly for once.

This kind of misinformation repeatedly goes unnoticed by the general public – perhaps people just don’t want to know as long as they can still get their supermarket products or go to their favourite restaurant.

One rule for thee but not for me!

Boris Johnson and his entourage (undoubtedly every government worldwide) have relished accomplishing precisely what they desire at the expense of the electorate. And, do not overlook the word “electorate”. These people work for you. Never, the other way around. The same goes for Cyprus and in any supposedly democratic country. They are our government; we are not their people. We elect them, and they serve us!

Allegra Stratton was so demure about their festive party while families disbanded last Christmas. It’s all so hilarious when you do not follow the rules. Not that we are interested in pursuing these dystopian rules. Parents and grandparents were left isolated and without the comfort and love of their relatives. Ultimately, even though it is refreshing to see high-level staff such as Allegra resigning, it doesn’t happen nearly often enough.  I mean, Boris Johnson also attended these parties.

Immediately following the Downing Street party revelations of 2020, Boris Johnson staggeringly said when asked about mandatory vaccinations, “we need a conversation about how we deal with this pandemic” [owing to the Omicron variant]. Talk about doubling down on bad news by offering up the shadow of compulsory vaccinations.

Sajid Javid the health secretary said it would be unethical… 

Read between the lines. In another few weeks, mandatory vaccinations for all in the UK will be announced because of Omicron.

Fantastically, World leaders are somehow immune from any counterarguments.

And, even here in Cyprus, in the middle of the plandemic, the UK High Commission held a garden party in honour of the Queens 95th birthday celebrations in June 2021. Meanwhile, the government told restaurants to wash chairs and tables thoroughly each time a customer took a seat. None of us that remained unvaccinated could go anywhere without a test, well really; a permit, a license, a pass. Notice anything?

Unvaccinated staff will be permitted to serve in the establishment in which they are employed but barred from relaxing in another establishment as of the 15th December 2021. We have already seen world leaders unmasked whilst waiting-on staff must wear them. Master & Slave.

Like Christmas 2020 for politicians and staff, this Christmas means ignoring the rules

So what about Omicron?

South African figures suggest Omicron is a mild illness.

Omicron, the variant that, so far, has not caused many hospitalisations nor even a single death, is the’ latest’ knee jerk reaction to attempt greater compliance and vaccine uptake. Irrespective that a milder form of coronavirus could be precisely the antidote the world needs. The media and the government are falling over themselves to create even more hysteria nevertheless.

Some things you simply cannot hide!

  • “South Africa says no signal of increased Omicron severity yet” [Reuters]

There is a minuscule uptake in vaccinations across the entire continent of Africa when compared to the rest of the world. People are not receiving unfettered access to vaccines as they would in first-world countries. Whilst Europe, Asia & North America ramp up for 3rd, 4th and more jabs, only around 6% of people in Africa are fully vaccinated. Half of all African countries have fully vaccinated rates below 2%. Termed vaccine inequality; I would say instead that they have had a lucky escape.

The unelected (unelected by we the people that is) Ursula von der Leyen wants to open the debate on introducing mandatory vaccinations. Not because only a couple of million Europeans are unvaccinated, but because 150 million (30%) remain unvaccinated. #Insanity #Wakeup #Standup #SayNo #Resist

Austria is to start issuing quarterly penalties of €3,600 to everyone over 14 who remains unvaccinated.

“We do not want to punish people who are not vaccinated. We want to win them over and convince them to get vaccinated,” the minister for constitutional affairs, Karoline Edtstadler, told a news conference with Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein on Thursday.

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

How actually can a 14-year-old be legally fined in any case? If you do not comply, you will be fined. You will be imprisoned if you do not pay – very convincing and indeed not at all a punishment. More worryingly, enforcement runs from 1st February 2022 until the end of January 2024. Some indication perhaps of just how far-reaching are their plans. 

Throughout the world, new measures undoubtedly will be published with frightening regularity. More lockdowns will be announced in December, and air travel will only be available to the vaccinated. 

If not this fight. What fight?

What is their ultimate goal? Why do you think the government must have 100% of you vaccinated? What happened to herd immunity? 

These are dark days indeed. Within two years, you will be surrendering more and more and more. The goal is to get you conditioned to these increasingly insidious controls. Disappointment and frustration will give way ultimately to something considerably more sinister. 

It is time to make a stand!

Stolen from Twitter

Why are there still good, intelligent people acting as though they can change the government’s mind with facts and rational or moral arguments? They know EVERYTHING you’re telling them. They’ve known it from the start. That’s the whole point. That’s what we’re facing.

Humanity unites us, not our vaccination status. But, might Omicron?

#Wakeup! #Standup! #SayNo! #Resist! 

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