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24th September 2016
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24th September 2016 gecko

Are you ready for Pafos 2017

The European Capital of Culture accolade casts a positive spotlight on not only Pafos 2017 (Paphos) but the whole of Cyprus. Expectations are for an increasing number of tourists, cultural and business visitors to Cyprus in 2017 and beyond. Is your business ready?

Pafos 2017 represents a unique opportunity for all Cypriot businesses to promote their products and services to a huge audience. Not just for a couple of weeks, or a month-or-two, but for years to come. And, uniquely, you’ll be riding on the coat-tails of municipal and NGO promotions surrounding this event.

Pafos 2017 - European Capital of Culture

Getting your ‘sales pitch‘ right isn’t always easy. You have to consider your audience, what is it exactly that they are looking for? Do you speak their language? Can you provide them with accurate up-to-date information directly on their device (mobile, tablet, laptop)? Does your business stand out above your competitors?

Of course, it’s not easy to restructure ‘every aspect of your business‘ but you can, for only a small cost, at least get the right online marketing so that ‘most’ visitors understand what you offer. So you can explain why they come to you; and not the venue next door, or the one down the street.

We can help! We have been building websites and providing online marketing for the past 20 years; and have worked with the biggest blue chip companies in the world. That sounds like we’re expensive…? Not at All!

Big or small, we’ve got the solution when you need it

In fact, we are purposely and deliberately working to promote Cypriot businesses and artisans as far and wide as we can. Sure, it’s not free. But we think you’ll be stunned by how much you can achieve on the kind of budgets we have in mind. We can get you ‘seriously online’ so you can ‘get noticed’

Our leaner and fitter projects are incredible value for money.

If you want to WIN with Pafos 2017, then get in touch. We typically deliver within 7-days. No fuss. No contracts (Tie-In) we do what we say on the tin.

See our website for examples of what we can offer and if you’d like to know more, email: or call: +357 95 507 384

Good luck for Pafos 2017 – European Capital of Culture…
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Pafos 2017 - European Capital of Culture
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