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7th November 2017
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7th November 2017 gecko

Magazine and Brochure Print Design

The Pool People are a growing group of highly trained and motivated professional pool maintenance engineers. Each of whom has at the very completed and passed the NSPF® (National Swimming Pool Foundation), Certified Pool and Spa Operator (C.P.O®) course. Their Motto is simple: To ensure that all of our pools are clean pools, healthy pools and safe pools.

Here at Gecko, we’re delighted to be working with such a highly talented and dedicated team, found at The Pool People. We are currently creating new print advertising for The Pool People. You’ll be able to find them throughout a range of local magazines. Look out for new full-page adverts with special offers, tips and more; available each month.

They are extremely well qualified!

Not only are they very well qualified but they offer fabulous guarantees on all their products and services. We can’t think of a better reason to at least pick up the phone and have chat with them. Whether it’s fitting a brand new pool, an overhaul of your existing pool, or a new liner; The Pool People are the perfect fit. They also offer Pool Maintenance and training courses that you can take to help you manage your own pool expertly.

They Say…

Our top priority is the health and safety of swimming pools and the people using them.  We are completely focused on the prevention of disease from swimming pool water. And, all our operators are trained to fully understand the individual requirements of each installation

There is a fine line between law and liability and in an increasing age of compensation claims. It is our intention to work with all our owners to ensure their individual facilities exceed the standards required. And, meet users expectations. Thus negating any chance of any real reasons for any complaints and potential compensation claims. We are raising the standards across Cyprus; don’t settle for anyone else!

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