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Spectacular Flying in the Rhône Alpes when you learn to fly with Aéroclub Rhône-Alpin.

The realisation of a dream for Didier Potin owner & instructor of Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin in France. After 6 years dreaming about starting his own flying club, Didier has done it. Having purchased a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the flying club has taken to the skies.

Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin and Didier Potin | Gecko Design

Didier was raised by a handyman father. Who also became an amateur plane builder and private pilot. That passion was too much for Didier, and his desire to discover flying on his own terms began to take shape. 

Didier Says:

I used to spend many days in the car park of the local aeroclub, imagining what it would be like. In 2006, I had my first experience. It was incredible.

It was then that Didier completed his first solo flight around the airfield. A year later, attaining his internationally recognised Private Pilots License (“PPL”)

From that moment on, everything progressed at an accelerated pace.

Soon after completing his PPL, Didier completed his Mountain Qualifications. Being surrounded by mountains in that part of France, understand the nuances of flying in those conditions would be crucial. He says “Without a doubt, that was the most insanely beautiful moment of my flying thus far

Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin Cessna 172 Skyhawk | Gecko Design

Following 6 years of flight training, and more than 1500 hours in the skies, the creation of the flying club is close to becoming a reality. The project is born; under Didier’s own direction and underpinning his ambition for a contemporary club, accessible by everyone.

I was proposing a completely different model. Where we share our experience and convey our knowledge with conviviality and simplicity while putting the aeroplane at the centre. 

Didier Says…

Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin – Ecole du Pilotage & Aéroclub. Is a flying school that operates in the form of a DTO (Declared Training Organization). A DTO is recognized by European lawmakers and is qualified to instruct you on working towards a European Private Pilot License. The required European Aviation rules have all been adhered to. And, Didier found great support from all sorts of people including Pilots (and friends) that were ready to embark with him on this new era of flying. Students are eager to share in his passion. It’s a real story of a dream coming true.

Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin Shared Flight Costs to Nice, Antibes and other great towns in France
Shared Flight Costs to Nice, Antibes and other great towns in France

Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin Members

Plane Rental – Whether you are a licensed pilot looking for an area in which to fly or want to join a growing flying club, we share your passion for flying and navigation. Contact us for more information and aircraft rentals.

Shared-Cost Flights – Like carpooling, and it is becoming more popular. The only difference is that it is mainly for recreational, rather than business purposes.

Travel & Theme Outings – We regularly organize outings with gastronomic and cultural objectives. As well as interclub meetings or overflights of areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Within the Flying School

Flying Skills & Navigation – We offer tailormade flights to assess your flying skills and navigation ability. When you’re ready to ‘go-all-the-way’ you will at least have a few hours of flying experience. Mountain Flights – Mountain flying brings another dimension to leisure aviation. Sumptuous landscapes, precise steering and concentration are essential for this kind of flying.

If you just want to find out what it feels like…

We provide Discover and Initiation Flights. If you have ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to be able to learn to fly, what would you expect your reaction to taking the controls of a small plane?

A Flying club is Born

One evening, having spent weeks looking, Didier finds the perfect aircraft for the new aeroclub. A Cessna 172 Skyhawk with the registration F-GLOO. It’s the ONE. Spending time with Alexander, the owner of the plane, Didier takes a test flight and checks all mechanical and technical data of the aircraft. On the 12th April 2018, he returns to Romans sur-Isère and the kid’s dream comes true!

Now to share. And, make it even more beautiful!

The Website

Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin and Didier Potin | Gecko Design

Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin is a bi-lingual website (French and English) with scope to expand the language element to any other language. A content management system makes routine updates easier to achieve. Visitors can purchase vouchers for Air Experience flights. And, crucially, the websites welcomes new members with the same vision.

Stationary created for Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin
Stationary created for Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin
Stationary created for Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin

Web: http://aeroclub-rhone-alpin.com

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