Green solutions for heating, cooling and power

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Best-in-Class responsible green solutions for all your heating, cooling and power needs.

Building a Sustainable Future Together

bioenergy Say:

Our family-run business ‘bioenergy’ was established in 2007 with the aim of providing high-quality alternative energy solutions. Our heating, cooling and solar products are sourced from well respected international manufacturers and are built and installed to the highest standards.

It has been great fun to be involved in developing the website, logo and print design, vehicle wrap design and merchandising.

Logo Design

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Logo Design

Business Cards

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Business Cards

Vehicle Wrap


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Working with brothers Alexandros and Stephanos is a total joy. Being local, like us, regular meetings, even just for 10 minutes help to define or reassess what we are trying to achieve. Right now, the new site is ready to grow and grow – particularly in e-commerce and in up-to-date stories about the latest news in renewables. Thank you guys!

The Website

bioenergy website by gecko, cyprus website design

Tailormade Energy Solutions

Alex & Stef will help you in assessing the ideal solutions for your home heating, cooling and solar power needs.

Reliable & Affordable

Their vast experience and knowledge of reliable alternative home energy solutions ensure that you get the best deal.

Dedicated Aftercare

Following any installation, we provide you with all that you need to know to efficiently run your solar power, cooling and heating systems.

A Greener Tomorrow for Everybody Today!

Sustainable development is what underpins their company. They provide tailor-made solutions for every kind of situation and budget. For Heating, Cooling, Solar Energy and more…

They have 15+ years experience
that equals even better results

Be sure to take a look at their new website at

They can help you with any Heating solution including Wood Burners, Fireplaces, Pellet Burners or efficient electric heating and chimney sweeping. They can assist you with Air Conditioning installations and servicing; with solar solutions both grid-tied and off-grid, and with sustainably sourced biofuels. Their lifestyle solutions go even further to include fabulous outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s – there is really a lot you can find out at bioenergy.

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