Licensed Counseling Psychologist

Elly Anastasiades

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Elly Anastasiades, MSc, PhD (cand.)
Licensed Counseling Psychologist (Reg No. 866)

Elly Says:

I am a licensed Counselling Psychologist based in Pafos, Cyprus. I hold a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and am currently pursuing my PhD in Psychology. I have over 1,200 hours of experience working at community psychotherapeutic centres, providing treatment to individuals facing various issues. These issues include depression, anxiety, health-related anxiety, interpersonal difficulties (difficulties with relationships), abuse, grief, loss, anger management, parenting issues, psychosis, substance addictions, eating disorders, and craniofacial abnormalities.

Working with Elly Anastasides has been a really good experience. Elly knows exactly what she wants; and this website is the first steps in helping people to know that a true professional and a really caring person is looking out for their wellbeing.


Elly Anastasiades - Licensed Counseling Psychologist


A relatively simple website with good content is all you really need to create a very positive online message that is clearly understood by all visitors. Elly Anastasiades is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met and her dedication in all that she does – shines through.

The Website

Elly Anastasiades - Licensed Counseling Psychologist

A journey of self-exploration by Elly Anastasiades

Your therapy can be whatever you want it to be. Because that’s what it is. Yours. You are the expert of your experience. You know you best. I am the expert in psychological knowledge. And together, hand in hand, we will embark on a journey of exploration.

  • Elly
In my view, therapy is just this. A journey of self-exploration. It’s about identifying the barriers that stand in the way of your natural drive for growth and change. It’s about understanding why these barriers are there, where they come from and how they play out in your everyday life.
  • Elly Anastasiades, MSc., PhD (cand)

Elly’s Services

  • Individual psychotherapy (for adults or adolescents)
  • Couples therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Parent counselling
  • Psychological assessment

Elly Anastasiades Contacts


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