If you have a sweet tooth, get down to Luccis Milkshakes

Luccis Milkshakes

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Luccis Milkshakes have nailed it!

Get down to their shop in Kato Paphos

We love milkshakes! However, we’ve never actually found a good one; until now. Luccis Milkshakes have nailed it with the varieties of household favourite chocolates and sweets. It’s a great website. Simple, engaging and dedicated to tourists that are looking for a snack whilst walk around Kato Paphos and the Harbour area. It’s equally, a great place for locals to hangout before and after work.

The Website

Luccis Milkshakes in Kato Paphos | Gecko Cyprus Website Design


Milkshakes are dear to our hearts, so this website, whilst simple at the moment, has been a joy to work on. At Luccis Milkshakes you choose from your favourite Chocolates, Cookies or Sweets. Or, even combine them if you wish. Add something special with whipped cream, sauces or extra toppings!!! Fab!

Keep and eye out for more to following. And, don’t forget to check out their social media channels.

Fruity Flavours candy store

This is just like being a kiddy in a sweetshop. Choose from Skittles (original or sour), Fruit Pastilles, Refreshers, Millions (bubblegum, raspberry, blackcurrent, cola and strawberry). Or, go crazy with Marshmallow and Lovehearts.

Cookie Chaos Crumble and enjoy

Original Oreo cookies, Maryland (choc-chip and double choc-chip), Digestives, Custard Creams and Bourbon biscuits.

Youtube Video Editing

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