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Meli Property Services is headed-up by Melissa Lowndes.

Melissa has an excellent record of providing outstanding real estate and property services and management in Cyprus. With over 15 years of experience in Property Management, Finance, Corporate Customer Service, Telecommunications, Sales and Marketing – she has a finger-on-the-pulse in the real estate business.

Melissa was invited to sit on an Expert Panel for the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies and she was a finalist for the Cyprus Business Women Awards in 2017

Melissa says:

Property is my passion and most would call me obsessed with real estate…

The Website

Meli Property Services in Cyprus | Melissa Lowndes


What a great project. We have learned many things over the past weeks on how to get the most out of a real estate website. Some of the back-office tools that Melissa uses are just brilliant. Melissa has been a joy to work with; organised, professional, intelligent and diligent spring to mind. If you’re looking to Buy, Sell, or Rent we can only imagine it would be impossible to find anyone better!

Meli Property Services in Cyprus | Melissa Lowndes

Advice for Landlords

24/7 Software Online

There is no need to live with the headache of dealing with any problems that may arise if your property is vacant or occupied. And, equally so when you are far away and unable to take swift action. If you subscribe to Meli Property Services annual property management package, they can provide a responsive service to your tenants in case of emergencies. They will receive username and password to log into the property services software to report service issues.

Complex Maintenance & Management

Meli Property Services is committed to maintaining and managing the communal real estate market by adhering to professional technical and customer care standards of EXCELLENCE. Notwithstanding preserving the highest ethical and moral practices in combination with responsible financial reporting in the best interest of all parties involved.

They will provide all necessary documentation, accounting, reports, legal and all communication and committee support.

Meli Property Services in Cyprus | Melissa Lowndes

The Website has just launched and much more information will be added in the coming weeks.

Melissa has a great Facebook Page if you need up-to-the-minute news and information, you can find it by clicking HERE

If you’re unsure how to proceed in any kind of negotiation, what your rights are, or where to find official information then you have to visit the FAQ on the Meli Property Services website. It is truly awesome how much knowledge Melissa and her team have shared on their website. You cannot imagine how much you “Didn’t Know!” 🙂

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