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Now You See Me – NYSM Fit Activewear.

We at NYSM are here to enable, liberate and flatter every body so that everyone else can see what we see. The whole you!

We are so pleased to announce that NYSM activewear will be featured in some of the UK’s top magazines this month! Watch out for our stylish and high-performance activewear in @OKMagazine@smagazineuk and @notebooklive.

Now You See Me Say:

NYSM Activewear isn’t just about aesthetics; we prioritise comfort and quality. Our sustainably sourced fabrics are specially crafted to provide maximum comfort and support while allowing for a full range of movement. Our activewear is excellent for working out and for all sorts of outdoor activities. Whether you’re going for a hike, bike ride, run, gym, yoga, or paddle on the water, NYSM’s breathable fabrics will keep you cool and comfortable. Our stylish and comfortable activewear will prepare you for anything.

Working on the creation of an e-commerce website for has been a a lengthy project. Down to the utterly understandable desire to make sure that every part of the creation of the garments was sustainable and benefitted and older age group of active women – in the UK in particular.


NYSM - Now you See Me Fit


It has been a journey! Pretty close to one year from concept to launch but that is the determination we love to make sure everything is done just perfectly. And, now? We will see how desirable is the NYSM clothing. Here at gecko? We get it – the ethics the fabric quality and the driven nature of all involved to deilver the very best sustainable quality to buyers. Fab!

The Website

NYSM - Now you See Me Fit

NYSM Vision

We have the shared belief that every individual has a unique story to tell and a meaningful contribution to make. We will empower every individual to feel comfortable and content with who they are, free from arbitrary judgement, so that the whole world can benefit from what they have to give.

NYSM Point of View

We know that you are more than just the sum of your body parts. That your body is the haven for the beautiful person you are and that it tells the whole story of your unique life. Therefore, tummy rolls, chaffing thighs and wrinkles are not things to fix, but parts to gracefully accept. You know who you are, and nobody can tell you who you should be. We are a platform to help you express yourself and feel good about it. We are here to enable, liberate and flatter every body so that everyone else can see what we see. The whole you.

NYSM Values

  • Empowering acceptance – liberating, supportive, encouraging
  • Confident contentment – proud, joyful, peaceful
  • Supportive contribution – inclusive, helping, beyond oneself

NYSM Products

  • Designed and MADE in Britain from sustainable fabrics
  • Fabrics sourced with comfort, sustainability, and performance in mind
  • Products designed with attention to detail to flatter the more mature figure

Final Thoughts from NYSM

Our products arrive with you in reusable drawstring fabric bags. These bags have been made using the off cuts from the garment production ensuring that waste is kept to a minimum. These bags can be used to store your products in or to take to your work out classes, gym or out on a dog walk.

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