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Sunshine Carers

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Sunshine Carers Cyprus (Nursing Agency) was an inspired creation and a much need service to Cyprus, made possible by Mark and Ada Davies

Together we are both really passionate about Personal Health Care and Home Care Nursing. We know there is a large number of people in Cyprus who are not able to get the care they really needed and deserved. At Sunshinre Carers our aim is to change that.

There are a few other Health Care providers in Cyprus – but sometimes their services seem to be based around what they could provide – rather than what the client actually needs.

We will always treat you as a private individual and create a care plan that is adjustable and based on your changing needs. We provide the care and support you need – only when you need it – in the safety and comfort of your own home, as respite on holiday or whilst you are in hospital.

Sunshine Carers Cyprus provides support with personal health care and domestic assistance in your own home.

We’re here to help you live an enjoyable and comfortable life in your own home with whatever care you personally need. Giving you a level of self-reliance, dignity and control over your own life.

With Sunshine Carers you’re always in safe hands and we’re only ever a phone call away!

Sunshine Carers

Mark says: “What provides me happiness and a sense of achievement whilst working in Health Care is the opportunity to make a real difference to our clients quality of life, whilst allowing them to remain in the safety and privacy of their own home.”

Ada Says:  “One of my earlier nursing assignments was in a private hospital which was run by Monks. The patients we cared for where people with dementia.”

One of the things we were told and I will never forget is treat people like you want to be treated yourself.

sunshine carers cyprus nursing agency


Before I had even met George at Gecko Design, I already had a good feeling about what he was able to offer.

Unbeknown to George I was actually in the market for a new website, so he approached me at the optimal time.  From our very first meeting I became increasingly more impressed with his flair and creativity.  His open minded approach and flexibility were perfect for me, as I am stubborn and difficult to please.

Having sat with George and discussed thoughts and ideas for about an hour, George rapidly produced a stunning new website that was far more appealing and interactive than my previous site.

After another short meeting and a few ideas and tweaks my amazing new website was born.  The transfer from my old web server went fairly smoothly and everything worked perfectly.

This excellent service has been since been followed up with George setting up emails accounts on my laptop, phone and PC.  George has also provided training to allow me to update the site independently and has explained how the various modules work on the site.  This was also accompanied with a basic handout with an overview of the various modules and how they operate.

The entire service that George has provided is invaluable.  Most importantly George is very easy going and responsive.  He understands his market, is receptive to his clients and equally as important offers a quality service at an affordable price.  George hasn’t learnt to walk on water yet, but with some practise I am sure he will eventually.  Thank you George.

Mark Davies
Sunshine Carers