we're born with open hearts and minds


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Here on thethinkingstep, I feel there are so many stories, fears and tales wrapped around the process of being able to, “hear” or “sense” something or someone invisible to us. Yet, it is one of the most natural things in the world.

We’re born with open hearts and minds.

Think of the mind as an open chest of drawers. Many drawers, all shapes and sizes, each waiting to be filled.

The Website

thethinkingstep Thoughts are living things


What a lovely project for a wonderful woman. Lynn has nothing but love and kindness to share with friends and family as well as anyone else that she meets. Having got to know Lynn over the past 5 years, it’s clear that she is indeed remarkable. It was a pleasure to get your website ready Lynn! 

thethinkingstep. reading

When you request a reading, Lynn will ask you simply to trust her and leave only your full name and email address. If you want to ask a question beforehand, please do. Lynn is equally happy for you to do that after your reading.

Once Lynn receives your email, she will find the time to ‘’think ‘’ about you and take time out to ‘’listen’’ to any information that comes through for you. This will all be written down for you and emailed or messaged to you.

The Loving Energy Bubble

Thoughts are living things! They are simply vibrational energy, carrying information/hope and love – and there has never been a better time to try to listen more closely to them!

No-one ever questioned how the sound gets into their ears and brains and happily accept it as usual. But many do wonder how the sound of a spirit or a guide can possible intrude! It is fascinating. And, it is why I created thethinkingstep.


I can only share my truth with you in the hope of providing you with insightful readings to give you comfort and hope.

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