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TLC Private School

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TLC Peyia, Private School was launched in September 2010 in response to direct approaches from expatriate parents of children in Peyia.

We now have 40 enthusiastic and dedicated staff in an international community of students in an architect designed, Ministry-approved building.

TLC Peyia Student numbers have risen dramatically and we operate full or close to full. TLC is registered examination centre for Edexcel and an approved centre for Cambridge. Examinations of all types may be taken at our school. As we mature as an organisation, the scope of what we are able to offer students continues to increase.

Our continuing investment saw additional facilities open up in September 2015. With extended Early Years accommodation to provide a separate Reception Classroom, improved 6th form accommodation and dedicated space to support students for whom English is not their first language. Investments includes a small multi-use hall/theatre for drama, dance, meetings, dining, etc.

The law in Cyprus is that a school must be licensed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.  TLC Peyia is the first and only private, licensed school in Peyia.


TLC Private School, Agios Georgios, Cyprus

TLC Private School (Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary) operates at capacity, with limited places available each year.

Our priority is always to siblings (brothers and sisters of existing students). To make an enquiry about a place for your child, please do so via the enquiry form on the ‘Contact’ page on our website. Or, download an Application Form, by clicking here. Complete the form and return to with a copy to .

The Learning Centre is committed to continuous investment in good quality human and physical resources, ensuring that we can provide your child with high value education that meets their needs, at a competitive, inclusive fee level.

TLC Private School, Agios Georgios, Cyprus

    At TLC we have a very simple way to remember the core elements of our school ethos – just by experiencing the character of our school community on a day to day basis. In a school the ethos is unseen but it is often felt and to be so it must be strong! When you visit TLC for the first time we know that, like many others before you, you’ll experience it!

    Teaching: We believe that our students deserve the best teachers who will deliver effective lessons. We now invest in around 40 adults to teach and support our students. The team is strong but the Principal and Directors are not complacent and they strive always to bring out the best in their staff.

    Learning: Many things impact on a child’s ability to learn. Teachers, parents, classmates, resources and the environment all impact and at TLC we monitor attainment and progress to ensure every child’s success.

    Community: Our school is a community and as such, experiences the ups and downs that go along with any large family. The happiness, safety and security of our students and staff is paramount and in order to achieve that we have another acronym that associates with five very important values that we feel are at the core of our school’s very positive atmosphere