Putin: MSM Manipulation and Worldwide Madness

4th March 2022
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That’s it. Putin is crazy. We are all doomed.

The endless manipulation of the masses continues and is outstandingly effective. Out of one crisis (Covid) only to fall into the lap of the successive; Putin. What next? Climate crisis? Oh, yeah. Kidding – we all know it will follow this emergency, assuming anything comes after this, of course. Don’t even get me started on CDBCs, Social Credit scores and Covid Apps.

Yet now, we’re into another new worldwide madness. Putin!

Albeit wrong to have invaded, I don’t think anyone should pretend to know or understand all of the machinations of Russia and Ukraine. However, one thing is foolproof; it’s not as simple as politicians would have us believe. Let alone the involvement of the US State Department and NGOs. The same soapbox politicians that have historically had little compunction when invading countries – so long as they are the ones doing so. The destabilizing of Ukraine has been a long endeavour. Starting at least as long ago as 2004 and the ‘Orange Revolution’ when Viktor Yushchenko was elected.

So, where has the truth gone?

The realm of fantasy news has us all stunned, bewildered and ready for a straightjacket. It’s as if that is what was designed for us all along. The continuous and vacuous utterances of the political elite, billionaires, banks and bullshitters are close to driving the world insane. There is no longer any truth. 

Is NATO’s ever-expanding membership creating problematic border issues for Putin and Russia?

Concerns that are ignored by NATO, the US and the EU – due to their endless desire to push and push and push? Endlessly rousing public opinion – a public still ready to believe what they see on TV and read in the newspapers. You would think they’d have learned better by now. Or, maybe it really is about securing important newly discovered gas fields.

The film by Oliver Stone below reveals just how embedded are (and were) NGOs in stirring-up rivalries between the two ethnicities of Ukraine. Poignantly, as in many other countries, particularly those that had a Colour Revolution, is the absence of consciousness.

Ukraine On Fire 2016 by Oliver Stone

So Ukraine happened. Numerous online videos uncover what residents (or citizens now) of the two ‘peoples republics’ have endured since 2014 following the ousting of Viktor Yanukovych. Why were their human rights ignored? Some of their heart-wrenching stories are still on YouTube.

Putin is a dangerous man, as are they all.

He is someone who, like every politician, has amassed fabulous wealth through strong-arming and nefarious activities. But that’s enough about Tony Blair.

Yet, there is more to these events than meets the eye. Laptops, Biolabs, Money Laundering and undeserved Executive Board positions in Ukrainian companies point the finger at the very top of the American leadership. At the highest echelons of power something stinks – and we all know it.

It feels strange that after two years of mandates and measures, the populace will go along with yet another new ‘narrative’. God, how I hate that word. What happened to reasoned thinking? Or fact-finding? The sentiment is that the human race, definitely those living in the west, is so lazy that they want the truth (ironic) delivered to their phone or iPad. Woe betides they actually must dig a little for the truth.

 Are you ready to listen?

They efficiently vilify anyone opposed to their globalist expansionism even though they themselves are unscrupulous and alarming.

What sets this apart is the desire to seemingly leave Putin and Russia with nowhere to go. Honestly? Unless Russia gets what they want there could be very dark days ahead for humanity. Think about that for a second. If you are confident that he is mad – what do you think would be his fallback?

Yet more sanctions only bring the world quickly to the brink.

SWIFT has gone, Trade has gone, the rouble is massively devalued, Athletes are banned, EA Games and FIFA PlayStation games are looking to remove Russian teams and players. Even in the US, restaurants serving Russian delicacies have been vandalised. All because of Putin? Talk about mob mentality—unbridled Potestas. 

“Cum potestas in populo auctoritas in senatu sit”

Remember 2030 Unmasked?
Now, more relevant than ever!

It is all smoke and mirrors. I’d only ask you to “think for yourself” don’t gobble down what you see, read and hear. And, if it is on MSM? Ignore it! They are fuckwits. I do not wish this blog to turn into an unending ramble. But, and it’s a big but. Are you thinking about what they are doing to us and how we are being manipulated? Black Lives Matter and their carry-on wreaked havoc in the US – their latest post? “Ukrainian lives don’t matter until black lives matter” – do you see what is happening? 

On a different subject entirely. Today, evidence emerged from a Swedish investigation into Pfizer Vaccinations.

The University found that mRNA from Pfizer’s COVID jab has the propensity to enter liver cells and then later convert them into DNA. Hmm, does that sound a little like Gene Therapy? 

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC9qqpwCb7U

It is the first time researchers have shown in vitro or (inside a petri dish) how an mRNA vaccine is converted into DNA on a human liver cell line and is what health experts and fact-checkers said for over a year could not occur.

  • https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/drbeen

And, they said it was Safe and Effective. However, in the absence of any long-term data, that was a fallacy at best – deceitful and corrupt at worst. We’ll find out I guess, in another two or three years. I genuinely hope that it is not too late.

The best we can expect right now from all this madness is that people finally wake from this nightmare. Good Luck!

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