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8th January 2021 gecko

With no clear end to the Coronavirus restrictions in sight, it is easy to become disillusioned and discouraged about the future. In reality, it is an opportunity for many businesses in Cyprus to start selling online and to sell more. And, don’t worry – it is not too late!

In our blog post from August 2020 “Online Shopping in Cyprus,” (updated in October 2020) we featured some of the necessary steps most businesses could take to sell more online. 

Especially now. The latest restrictions announced today the 8th January 2021 by the Cyprus government were a looking-glass into March last year. Two outings per day permitted once an SMS message to 8998 has been sent – and approved. I guess we all could see this coming for some time, and now that it is here – it is no less disappointing. It’s another crushing blow to small business stores.

[quote] “The operation of retail shops to serve the public with a natural presence at the premises is prohibited. Businesses can sell online and carry out telephone orders with home deliveries” [end-quote] – more here!

The likelihood is that the government will extend it beyond the current end-date of 31st January 2021 unless there is a sudden ramping-up of vaccinations. And, a considerable drop in cases.

Some other countries around the world are isolating and providing additional services to the elderly and vulnerable people. Focussing on providing the vaccine to working-age adults who will hopefully be able to rebuild the economy faster. Scientists from Harvard and Stanford in the USA and Oxford University in the UK have written to the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) emphasising precisely this [see the video]. If done correctly, herd-immunity is a probability regarding protecting the vulnerable and letting other people get back to work. It is though, going to take someone with a big pair to think about going in this direction.

Don’t even get us started on the benefits of Ivermectin.

Your back-office software will likely support exporting your products into a suitable format for use in an online shop. Then, it’s merely a matter of reading that ‘file’ into an e-commerce solution and linking to a payment system. However, in Cyprus, cash-on-delivery is hugely popular and avoids credit card processing fees. So, what are you waiting for?

Will selling online help in the meantime?

It is easier than most people think to add your products and services to your new online shop. Indeed, recognising that smaller firms with fewer resources need simple solutions, even Facebook has made building an online shop a lot easier. And, this is a great place to start because you already have a Facebook business page!

an opportunity for many businesses in Cyprus to start selling online

Shopping locally not only supports shops in your vicinity but helps strengthen the economy. Assuming you can find what you are looking for, it is far more rewarding to buy from Cypriot suppliers than multinationals.

However, if you can only find what you need on Amazon – remember that the UK is no longer in the EU and that often has the same items, for the same price. Don’t forget, though, in our experience – has prolonged delivery times.

an opportunity for many businesses in Cyprus to start selling online

If you are ready to start selling online, then get in touch.

Depending on your structure, you could have an e-commerce solution by the end of next week. It’s not expensive. And, we’ll support you with the marketing and management of your shop if you need a little extra help.

And, if your business isn’t equipped to sell online – but could do with a new injection of marketing ideas; get in touch anyway. We are here to help!

While you are here, why not take a few minutes to see what we have done for other customers in Cyprus, the UK, Europe and beyond.

you’ll be in good company…

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