Sovanna Client Review

We already had a successful working relationship and proven track record with George at Gecko Design. So when we wanted a website designed for our new company, Cambodian Rivercraft Enterprises, it was a no brainer who we were going to turn to and yell for help. And yell we did. George has a talent for extracting the relevant ideas from the plethora of information that start up companies bombard him with. He coaxed the significant and pertinent material from us, interpreting the essence . The site condenses, takes shape, seamlessly materializes . As far as the team here is concerned, George is the human equivalent of a back up for your hard drive. He is always there to support, reinforce and shore up. The website he designed for us is sleek, modern and embodies our brand. Thank you Gecko Design . It’s more than a relationship. It’s a partnership.
Sovanna, Cambodian River Cruises

Sovanna Riverboat Client Review

Thank you guys. What an amazing review… you’re very welcome, it’s been an absolute pleasure. And, we loved doing your print brochures too.

What is Sovanna?

She is a luxurious Riverboat that cruises the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers in Cambodia.

It’s been years in the making. Sovanna has been our dream for a long time. And, now she is ready…

Sovanna means “Golden Dream” in Khmer and she is a beautiful river houseboat with two cabins. She is fully equipped and designed for four live-aboard guests who are looked after and pampered by a skilled crew. The Sovanna concept started with the first visit to Cambodia back in 1996. And, an eventful boating trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh that didn’t go quite according to plan.

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Fast forward then, almost ten years. And, a trip aboard a traditional Kerala ‘Kettuvallam’ houseboat on the backwaters of Southern India. The penny was beginning to drop.

The natural beauty of Cambodia’s inland waterways had left a lasting impression. Although there was seemingly an opportunity for introducing more-suitable rivercraft. Craft that offer travellers a degree of luxury, comfortable accommodation and flexibility in their schedules and destinations. The Kerala houseboats offered all that was missing.

Further visits to the Kerala backwaters followed. As did a three-day houseboat trip coming up along the Mekong from Vietnam and into Cambodia.

The logical solution was to create a Riverboat for Cambodia. Similar to the successful Kerala boats found in India and build them locally.

Eco-houseboats started to appear in India and were being made with fibreglass composite hulls. These were more environmentally friendly and lower maintenance than conventional wooden hulls, that need to always be protected with polluting antifouling which can damage the fragile ecosystem.

Sovanna operates with a Licensed Captain and is fully registered and licensed to carry up to 30 persons. Our Company is Tax Compliant and we have a valid Tourist Operators License. The boat is also Insured through an international insurance company. Smoke Detection Alarms are fitted and the boat has its own firefighting and lifesaving equipment on board to ensure compliance and safety.

Sovanna is based in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia and can be used for taking guests up the Tonle Sap river and onwards to Siem Reap. She can also be used for overnight trips for one, two, three or more nights to visit the many places of interest along the rivers and guests can build an itinerary to suit their needs.

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Riverboat Cruising in Cambodia on the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers

We have thoroughly enjoyed working on this great new website and social media for the Sovanna Riverboat. See our original post. If you’d like to see if we can help you too – please get in touch.

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