28th March 2018
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28th March 2018 gecko

The Pool People in Peyia have a New Website

A brand new website for The Pool People in Peyia

We’ve just finished a brand new responsive website for The Pool People in Peyia. It’s been a brilliant project. Great content and lots of resources from the Pool People themselves. And, from the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) who are the worldwide standard in ‘everything pool’

What’s more, it has given us an incredibly useful insight into how much works goes into pool engineering, cleaning and maintenance. These guys really know their stuff. It’s plainly obvious to anyone just how much experience they yield. The Pool People supply only the best quality products and are the exclusive partners in Cyprus of many household brand names. Including Elbtal, probably the best pool liners in the world. Their reputation is outstanding; their professionalism and attitude to work are identical; whether working in Waterparks or in your own home.

The website reflects their personality. It is business-like, with a unique style that is friendly and cooperative.

More content is coming soon; including “tips-of-the-month” and useful content about products and services supplied by the pool people. If you have a pool and want to learn more about ongoing maintenance, even informally, these guys can provide training. What’s more. If you’re thinking of maintaining and cleaning pools for a living here in Cyprus, well guess what, they’ve got a course for that too. It’s called the NSPF Certified Pool and Spa Operators (“CPO”) course. This is the first step in qualifications that you need to succeed as a ‘real’ pool engineer. Each of The Pool People CPO Operators is trained to maintain installations from a hot tub spa to a full-size water park and is competent in the basic first aid procedures.

The NSPF CPO 2-day training programme takes place twice a year. In May and October. Courses are generally held in a local hotel and are based on a per person rate, with the maximum number of attendees being 8 on any one course. The NSPF CPO qualification is recognized worldwide and ensures you are working in accordance with EU Regulations if you are working on pools in Cyprus.

The Pool People, Cyprus - clean pools, healthy pools and safe pools

Sounds like we should also be considering Saltwater chlorination:

Salt water chlorinators are becoming more understood, more economical and more reliable. With the addition of micro-computer technology plus an easier to use design, we tested them for a year. We are now actively installing and promoting their use. Read More [HERE]

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We really are a one-stop-shop!! 🙂


See more at: www.thepoolpeople.eu or Call: 26 623 342

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