VAERS – Joe Biden and Ukraine & Chaos!

21st January 2022

The woefully inadequate Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (“VAERS”) in the US is calculated to be between 90-99% underreporting adverse effects from Covid Vaccines.

The head of the CDC, Rochelle P. Walensky and the head of the NIAID, Dr Fauci – did not know how many people may have died following Covid vaccinations when questioned in a Senate hearing. More so, they couldn’t wait to abuse VAERS in that someone dying in a car accident is unfairly beefing up the numbers of deaths from inoculation, it seems. 

Attempting to play down the colossal spike in covid vaccinations adverse reactions and deaths compared to all other vaccinations is indescribably disturbing. If the number could spike due to people dying by other means such as a car crash, as they say, wouldn’t we see that in the underlying numbers – across all vaccinations, ever since the VAERS system was introduced in 1990?

No! Walensky & Fauci only have issues with ‘COVID VACCINATION NUMBERS’ because that fits their ever-weakening narrative.

How could any of us conceivably believe that two highly placed individuals do not know these numbers? Are they lying? See for yourself!


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In the UK, there is growing clarity of sorts. 

The latest published data from the Office of National Statistics (“ONS”) concludes that far fewer people died from covid (uniquely and without any underlying co-morbidities) than has been previously reported. Instead of 153,000 total covid related deaths, it’s looking more like just 17,000+ died of covid since 2020. 

Do you remember when there wasn’t a single cause of death related to flu in the UK in 2021? Well, some data is finally available.

  • Deaths due to Influenza & Pneumonia in 2020/21: 22,217
  • Deaths involving Influenza & Pneumonia in 2020/21: 138,287


It sounds like a song. “It’s starting to look a lot like…” because with these ONS figures on deaths ‘due to’ or ‘involving’ Covid, it is starting to look a lot like seasonal flu, wouldn’t you agree?

Once a cynic, always a cynic. With measures being relaxed in the UK, the performance of politicians (and others) there and in most nation-states has left a gigantic wedge between ‘them and us’. They simply cannot be trusted. People are pleased to see measures lifted in the UK; and relieved to see the ONS report, yet, lingering is Why? Why Now? What’s next? What are they up to?

Did they overplay their hand so that now we can all see their cards?

The UK and in particular European countries (especially Italy) are using unacceptable stateless mandates. Soon, we will reach a new and entirely scary precipice if people do not start waking up. If, for example, the UK has done away with masks, why do other countries continue to vilify the unvaccinated? Could it be that the new global directive hasn’t yet filtered down to them? Yet, you can’t help thinking that they still have something ‘up their sleeve’.

This unstoppable quest for a new kind of socialism would even make Putin’s eyes water. And, with that, Ukraine!

The latest ramblings by Joe Biden in his address should confound all.

To think that a US President could honestly say that there will be severe consequences if Russia invades Ukraine “unless it is a minor incursion” [which would be okay]. In just this one statement, Biden signals the end of American might! And, to think, we were all floored by the failure in Afghanistan and that unfit withdrawal. Yet, people voted, making him the most popular president ever? Nonetheless, the thought that he and his cohorts might take us to a world war to hide their nefarious activities should not be dismissed.

That is a disaster, and there is no other way to put it. You could not make up how fragile is his mind and how overwhelmed he is by high office. It’s worth watching if only to confirm what you already know about the state of politics in America. There is no easy way to say this; nevertheless, he is stupefying. Let’s go, Brandon!

What next?

The underlying root of the problem – is government. What are we going to do about it? About them?

And, even more concerning. How can we help those innocent people who may be adversely affected in the future by the vaccine they have taken?

I wanted to boost this post on FB, but unfortunately – I received this notification.

Well, God forbid we mention sensitive issues, politicians, legislation, without identifying ourselves. I mean. Who else identifies themselves whilst manipulating everything?

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