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17th June 2018 gecko
Reasons to visit the Blue Lagoon and the Akamas Peninsula in Cyprus | Gecko Design

What can we say about The Blue Lagoon on the Akamas Peninsula that hasn’t been said many times before?

Our office is just up the coastline. We’re familiar with it. And, its natural beauty has never been taken for granted by us. The Blue Lagoon is certainly, well ‘fabulous’, but it’s not the only natural wonder along the coast. There are many, less famous, but equally (in our view) beautiful bays to explore.

The Blue Lagoon, whilst not undiscovered, still offers tourists a glimpse at past millennia.

Next door to The Blue Lagoon is the equally beautiful bay ‘Fontana Amorosa’ (“fountain of love”) where it is said: ‘Aphrodite and Adonis’ became lovers. This Greek mythology adds to the mystique and the sheer beauty of the Akamas Peninsula, Latchi and Polis Chrysochous. And, for the romantic in you, close your eyes just for a second and reach back through hundreds of years and imagine what it was like to live in such a time. Although they didn’t have internet, or what’s app – they probably did find other things to occupy their time.

For us, however. It is a unique vista to be enjoyed every day from the office window. It gets us up in the morning. Creative thoughts flowing, inspired by yet another day looking out on a stunning view.

Crystal Clear waters of The Blue Lagoon | Gecko Design

What the Blue Lagoon does deliver though, is unbelievably crystal-clear water.

In an age of pollution problems, we’ve been lucky to continue to live next door to a natural wonder. And, we’re doing our best to ensure that it remains that way. Colleagues such as Latchi Watersports Centre help to organise beach clean-up days. And Akamas Clean-up Team (“ACT”) have been taking care of rubbish that has floated into shore or otherwise been dumped for years now.

Thankfully, the modern visitor to Cyprus is also conscious of preserving our natural wealth.

And, they can still come to probably the last remaining unspoilt area of Cyprus. Our coastline is precious to us. We don’t want to see theme and water parks, and huge hotel developments. We love the history. It is held close to our hearts and those of our family, friends and colleagues. Selfish perhaps. But, what is the point of living in a stunning natural environment if we’re not going to look after it?


…and indeed the whole Akamas Coastline is with a Self-Drive Boat Hire from Latchi Watersports Centre. They have a huge range of boats that you can hire. All you need is a full car driving license. Or, of course, a Cypriot Boat License. Check them out at or call +357 26 322 095


And, if you just want to relax and take it easy.

Get in touch Cyprus Mini Cruises who have two boats. Nafsika II which sails three times per day, or Koulla the traditional BBQ Boat. Visit: or
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Reasons to visit the Blue Lagoon and the Akamas Peninsula in Cyprus | Gecko Design

The Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas (GreekΑκάμας) is a promontory and cape at the northwest extremity of Cyprus with an area of 230 square kilometres. Ptolemy described it as a thickly wooded headland. Divided into two by summits [a mountain range] rising towards the north. The peninsula is named after a son of Theseus. The hero of the Trojan War and founder of the city-kingdom of Soli.

Until the year 2000, the peninsula was used by the British Army and Royal Navy for military exercises and as a firing range.

Under the 1960 Treaty of Establishment, the British Army was allowed to use the Akamas for exercises for up to 70 days a year.

At the southern end of the peninsula is the town of Pegeia. And, on its northeast side the town of Polis.

Due to the mountainous nature of the peninsula, there are no roads running through its heartland. Furthermore, some roads marked on Cypriot road maps of the area are not tarmacked. Visitor attractions in Akamas include a loggerhead turtle. The Sanctuary and the Baths of Aphrodite where the goddess is said to have bathed. As the area is therefore relatively inaccessible, there is a large diversity of flora and fauna here. Indeed, the European Environment Agency noted that it was one of only 22 areas of endemism in Europe.

source: Wikipedia

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