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6th October 2019 gecko

Finding the best ideas for website design and development in Cyprus can be challenging.

There are many things to keep in mind. The main issue is creating a layout that is accessible and rewarding yet impressive and visually distinctive. It is essential to think about the future. Proper, high-quality website design that is future proof can do wonders. And, it is crucial to prepare for all of those future trends in the best way that you can. With that in mind, here is a list of ideas that you may want to try out.

Responsive website design

Nowadays, any contemporary website design and development begins with a responsive design. It looks great on any device, scaling automatically and making life easier for your customers to reach you. Each device has something called a viewport, and this is to what the design scales. Most mobile phones have a similar viewport because they are typically used to view websites in portrait mode. Whereas; tablets have two viewports one for portrait and one for landscape. It’s nice to have a dependable website design like this, and even if design ideas change, this remains vitally important. [See the Latchi Charters website]

Website design and development in Cyprus | Gecko Design

Thumb-friendly navigation

More than half of all internet users use a mobile phone. Mobile use is a trend that will grow year on year. Now is the time to think about the overall mobile experience for your customers. With more and more portable gadgets in daily use, having thumb-friendly navigation is vital. You want to make it easy for people to select any feature they need without being frustrated by the interface. Once you begin adapting your work to deliver this aspect of website design, nothing will stand in your way. [See the brand new website for Luccis Milkshakes in Paphos]

Make space for chatbots

Chatbots are great for website marketing in Cyprus because they help your business respond rapidly to online enquiries. You want that kind of help because it doesn’t take up too much space on the screen. Chatbots are becoming more and more prevalent. If combined with Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), they can even intelligently respond to the customer when you are out of the office. [Latchi Watersports Website uses chatbots very successfully]

3D illustrations

Lots of website design professionals in Cyprus are integrating 3D drawings and pictures in their designs. These illustrations can look amazing, and they help to express your business excitingly. If done correctly and if you require them. There are some obvious hurdles to making your business stand out this way. Ideally, these visually distinctive graphics help your customers to understand your product more easily. [Visit the VIS Concrete Design Website]

Website design and development in Cyprus | Gecko Design

Vintage type of design

The new craze is vintage style designs. Or, often referred to as retro-design. It has been popular for a little while now. The idea is for the design to be still professional but also to include some retro aspects. It must be convincing and emotive at the same time. However, it also has to be god for the tone of your message and business type. Retro and vintage type designs can be very compelling. [See the Revolution Hair & Beauty Salon website]

More Website Design and Development ideas

Bold typography

While bold typography always comes in and out of style, it’s safe to say that lots of people use it for in their website design. We do. Often. The large and bold text has a particular class. It permits you to focus on great ideas and features, usually in fewer words that cannot help but be understood by the user. [See the Styling Property website]

Grid-based designs

Grid-based designs help you showcase all your essential information in a style that customers adore. Grids demark your content, from where one message starts and other finishes. As you can imagine, this is great for mobile users too, since they get to explore the website grid by grid. [Check out the Cyprus Prodec Website]

Playful cursor design and animation

If you want to make your website timeless and unique, then now is the time to experiment with micro-animation. And, with playful cursor design. T these small interactions with your website is appealing to many users. Caution though. Not all of these micro-animations work well on touchscreen devices. Results can be awe-inspiring with dwell times on your homepage significantly increased. [A simple example on Sovanna, Cambodian River Cruises website]

Overlapping sections

Overlapping sections work best when using different sized images and text with other shapes and sizes. It’s a novel way to deliver your content on tablets and larger devices. It works very well by breaking up content in an easy to read manner. [Check out the Latchi Queen website]

If your other marketing tools such as print, social media and videos follow the same style, your brand image becomes quickly identifiable.

No-one is thinking of changing their website design all the time. But they do continually grow their website so that it doesn’t become stale. Being prepared to make changes from time to time can pay off.

We’d encourage you to try some of these design tips and discover how interesting and distinctive they really can be.

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