Website Design Trends 2016

29th September 2015
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29th September 2015 gecko

Website Design Trends 2016

There has been much discussion surrounding what styles and designs will dominate the company website landscape. With mobile devices now dominating our daily interactions with these websites, including social media, it’s clear that the trend is shifting towards these devices. But that doesn’t mean users of traditional equipment (Desktop & Laptop) users are in any way disenfranchised.

Responsive Designs

Key to online business success is creating websites that automatically adjust to the dimensions of a users device might seem obvious but has still not been adopted in many business sectors. Many websites that are not yet responsive is perhaps due to how expensive they were to purchase some years ago by the business owner. Or, a business found that over time, Social Media was a more effective marketing medium. Nonetheless, websites should still look ‘cool’ no matter what device you’re using.

Website design in Cyprus is generally of a high standard given the size of the market and at Gecko Design we provide quality responsive website for all our customers at no extra-cost. You can have as many pages as you wish too; which is why we provide training on every aspect of managing your website so you can keep adding content whenever you wish.


We do a lot of work with this technique. It’s a great way to showcase an image by restricting it’s ‘viewport‘ and creating the feeling that the website visitors is floating over content. The background image actually moves at a different speed to the rest of the movement throughout the website, creating a very nice effect. And, with the right type of image, the impact is instant.

Backgrounds, Sliders & Video

Now you can have all three-in-one. Fullscreen Backgrounds, Sliders & video have a huge impact, capturing a visitors attention as soon as they arrive at your website. Usually accompanied with a short and punchy “call to action” to encourage the visitor to do what you really need them to do. The next step in these features will undoubtedbly be using ‘cinemagraph’ techniques (a looping video sequence as an animation) which reduces file sizes and has an amazing appearance if the subject matter is good.

Videos are now being used in storytelling; about people, products or places to visit.
See how Nike achieve this at:


Often understated if not forgotten! Using great typography helps to lift the look and feel of a website and presents marketing messages in a really smart, and efficient manner. Now that google have a huge font library, getting typography to look good is easier (and cheaper) than ever before


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