Website Design Trends in 2020

21st September 2019 gecko

Exciting Website Design Trends in 2020 to watch for…

If the last few years are any indication, then we can safely assume that the future is bright for website designers around the world. With the latest technology providing a new angle on website design trends; we find ourselves in the middle of what feels like another leap forward for the Internet ecosystem. Almost every business, organisation, and individual now have an online presence. 

It is an exciting time, as increased interest in website design is breeding higher levels of innovation than ever before. Needless to say, as we look forward to 2020 and beyond, there are many notable trends worth watching. With this in mind, here are the top 2020 website design trends for Cyprus, Europe, and the rest of the world. Whilst it can be hard to predict which trend will dominate, it’s safe to say that these developments unify in bringing us the best ever Internet experience

Website Design Trends in 2020 - Smart Video

Smart Video: Improved Marketing For Products & Services

Since the dawn of the Internet, video content is a must-have feature for any website. For proof, look at ever-popular platforms like YouTube, which rely on strictly video content to attract visitors. 

Video content is great, but in 2020, it must be better thought out. The smart video trend is all about giving this timeless form of content increased purpose and meaning. Hard to conceptualise smart video? Think smart TV and interactive content. While viral YouTube videos are still prevalent, the average website can’t just bank off of simple video integration. In other words, on modern websites, one high-quality video is far more effective than dozens of low-quality ones.

Website Design Trends in 2020 - Thumb Friendly Design
Two methods of holding a touchscreen phone with one hand - courtesy

Increased Use Of Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation

These days, responsive design is an essential requirement for any new site. Regardless of the device, your site should be able to run smoothly on any mobile device.

Looking forward to 2020, we expect the focus to shift from optimising responsiveness to create more thumb-friendly experiences. By “thumb-friendly,” we mean making it easier to swipe through a site with just a tap of your thumb. For example, placing the navigation bar and menu in the space where a user’s thumb can reach makes it far easier on UX designers and end-users alike. 

Website Design Trends in 2020 - Bold Colours

Bold Colors + Minimalism: Modern Website Visuals

Looking forward, expect stark colours to contrast themselves with minimalist design. Often referred to as “flat design,” this isn’t a new approach in the world of web design. Traditionally, minimalism has been combined with muted colours to provide sleek, modern interfaces, such as Apple’s classic website. 

In the future, we expect designers to continue experimenting with colourful minimalism, which greets users with a sleek, yet engaging interface. After all, there is no rule out there saying that minimalist designs must be all-white affairs. For a great example of colourful minimalism, consider the Shopify homepage. 

Website Design Trends in 2020 - Chatbots (Chat Bot)

ChatBots: Providing Better Customer Service 24/7

While chatbots have already been around for a couple of years, they still haven’t reached critical mass. Moreover, they’re still on the list of website design trends for 2020. Since the artificial intelligence technology underlying these nifty widgets is still rapidly advancing, we expect for chatbots to keep improving too. 

As we look to 2020 and beyond, increasingly sophisticated chatbots are the go-to tool for online customer service. Especially true for small and medium-sized businesses, which often struggle to find funding for dedicated customer service representatives.

In many ways, improvements to this technology levels the playing field, as every company (regardless of size or sales numbers) are empowered to provide customers with top-notch service at any time of day. 

The car charging user onboarding animation. Design and animate with Adobe XD auto animate features. Source

Micro-Animations, Big Impacts

Micro-animations, which are tiny animations that occur throughout a web page, take on a more significant role in website design trends in 2020. In many situations, these animations can be tremendously helpful in guiding users through a website’s menus and offerings. 

Similarly, when used skillfully micro-animations can add an extra layer of engagement and playfulness to any website. As is the case with chatbots, this design feature has been around for a few years now, but we expect snappier Internet service to encourage designers to make better use of this under-rated feature. 

Website Design Trends in 2020

Website Design Trends in 2020: Exciting, Engaging, And, Modern

As we have seen, the field of web design is advancing rapidly, with several new and improved features set to make web design in 2020 more exciting than ever before. We can’t wait to see where this dynamic field goes next. 

Predicting the future can be a tall task. However, if we had to guess, we’d put our money on the growth of modern, yet exciting websites that engage visitors with cutting-edge animations and video features. 

Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to see what website design trends of 2020 have in store for us!


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