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13th February 2018
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13th February 2018 gecko

We provide affordable monthly website maintenance services for everyone

Your Website may be attractive and informative, but will it stay-that-way without regular updating?

At Gecko Design, we understand the importance of website maintenance. We ensure your website constantly evolves, month-by-month. This is especially important for those clients who are a seasonal business because no-one wants to lose customers just because offers, events or discounts are out of date. It is a fundamental error to overlook the importance of maintaining your website once it has launched.

We take the worry out of maintaining your website – leaving you to concentrate on your business.

For most of your customers, your website is the first time they interact with your business. To engage with them, you need to impress them. By providing up-to-date information you’ll secure their involvement and encourage them to take a greater interest in your products and services.

fast website turnaround from gecko, cyprus website design

BIG or small – this is how a monthly website maintenance care plan can help!

As technology advances and improves, more tools become available to help you maintain a competitive edge. We remain up-to-date with leading internet trends ensuring that you keep up with what your visitors need when interacting with your website.

In addition to updating general content and adding blog-posts, we also monitor website performance. Including, but not limited to; content management and plugin updates, site speed & security, search engine optimisation, social network integration and, future trends that may be of benefit to our customers.

Website Maintenance from Gecko, Paphos Website Design, Cyprus

You can have your cake, and eat it

Taking advantage of one of our website maintenance care plans means that you will get exactly what you need. You’ll get priority and dedicated support safe in the knowledge that we take your business seriously.

We respond promptly to every website maintenance requests and updates are generally made the same day. If, however, a request requires us to investigate further and research options before being implemented it may take longer. Monthly website maintenance does not include any additional software or premium third-party plugins that are logically your responsibility. We are of course more than prepared to help you review all possible solutions.

Monthly maintenance also brings us closer to your business. This active interest in what you do creates a deep trust between us.

We often take on the responsibility of becoming administrators of client Facebook pages and other social media accounts. This truly demands a fully immersive and reliable service.

In addition to online (electronic services) we also provide print design services. Including magazine adverts, flyers, business cards, flags, t-shirts and more. Get in touch with us to discuss your maintenance and marketing plans. We’re here to help!

We are a small Cyprus website Design company in Polis Chrysochous

Dedicated to building quality websites that are engaging. Our services include search engine optimisation, social media integration. All websites are responsive (they automatically change size and layout to fit any device).

Get Noticed. Get a quality website.

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