WHO Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness Plans for Humanity

15th May 2022
15th May 2022 gecko

WHO Treaty for Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness has already garnered support from all 194* member states. Pretty conclusive, then. 

At a special session of the World Health Assembly (WHASS), the international community agreed to hand over pandemic preparedness efforts to the WHO. The World Health Organisation will not only decide steps to manage a future pandemic but also determine any situation they consider a health concern. In theory, then, as others have previously said, they could decide that climate change is a danger to health and draw up worldwide restrictions for all of humanity. Perhaps obesity or farming for meat will be the logical first target.

Pandemics are rare. A once-in-a-generation occurrence normally kills fewer people than Cancer, TB, and Malaria. Because pandemics are loosely defined – the WHO will find reasons to declare many more future pandemics. Yet, they will remain unaccountable for providing evidence in doing so.

*193 really, as Taiwan at China’s behest is not included

Not yet ratified but sure to be, this WHO Pandemic Treaty is an insult to all democracies. It is both unthinkable and unbelievable that the WHO will not have to show any data to legitimise their future decisions.

What’s up with that? As Russell Brand says…

“I’ll tell you what’s up – your democracy is fucking finished.”

Chillingly, they are expediting its formal adoption whilst they have sympathetic leaders and governments in place. I don’t remember voting for this ‘binding pact’ described by Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the WHO and mouthpiece of the people in the shadows.

The enacting of a fascist global government is laid bare for all to see.

This proposed treaty would give WHO powers to enact:

  • HARD BORDERS – Investigate epidemics within countries,
  • QUARANTINE ZONES – Recommend or even require border closures,
  • VACCINE PASSPORTS – Potentially recommend travel restrictions on individuals,
  • LOCKDOWNS & MANDATORY VACCINATION – Impose measures recommended by the WHO which, based on Covid-19 experience, may include ‘lockdowns,’ prevention of employment, disruption of family life and internal travel, and mandated masks and vaccination,
  • SURVEILLANCE – Involve non-state actors (e.g., private corporations) in data gathering and predictive modelling to influence and guide pandemic responses; and in implementing, including providing commodities for, the response;
  • FALSE IMPRISONMENT – Impose censorship through control of, or restrictions on, information the WHO considers to be ‘misinformation’ or ‘dis-information’, which may include criticism of the measures WHO imposes.

In the UK, a petition to prevent the UK Government from signing up to the WHO mandate without having first undertaken a referendum is underway. Yet the pace at which the WHO, governments, and nefarious business owners are working makes it hard to imagine the petition having any impact. However, we didn’t vote to have our rights unceremoniously removed.

Please, Wake Up!

If you’re in the UK and want to have your say (for what it is worth), you can sign the petition here:


More troubling is who exactly funds WHO?

Despite reducing its funding, the USA is still the largest giver; next is Bill Gates through his, and Melinda’s Gates foundation. And, what strings are attached? It is known that Bill Gates likes to see his pet projects promoted and uses the WHO as his vehicle. This man rationalised not releasing Covid-19 Vaccine patents to low-income countries even though they had the manufacturing capabilities to speed up distribution.

As Elon Musk comes closer to finalising his purchase of Twitter – Gates has several times mocked the takeover. Rumoured to have been shorting Tesla Stock – Gates didn’t deny it when directly asked last year. Given his self-promotion in helping to save the world from damaging climate change, it is awkward indeed to target an electric vehicle maker. It is an example of power wielded and a desire to get what you want.

As Neil Oliver of GB News says

“it is the greatest power grab any of us have seen in our lifetime”. 

Not counting, of course, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the eradication of cash. And therefore, Freedom.

Or, as Edward Snowden put it

“Arguing that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is like arguing that you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”

Where are our saviours?

Easy, answer – there are none, but us!

People ask the WEF/WHO/UN/UK/USA “where is their humanity?” forgetting that they have zero humanity. They do NOT CARE how you feel about the changes in your life. You, us, we are ants to them. Pour on boiling water and eradicate.

Yet, they are unelected. They have no right to tell us how it will be. We didn’t vote for Banks, Privateers and Forums to govern.

And the numerous leaders that support their mandate must be ‘thrown out’ immediately. Right Now! This manipulation has to end.

Countries have a six-month cooling-off period after signing next week, and the treaty does not come into force until 2024.

I will ignore the WHO and their pandemic preparedness plans.

As I have tried to do with all the other BS in the past two years with which we have been living. The last chance for any country to remain a democracy is at hand. Will mankind let apathy reign nevertheless? Yes, probably.

They’ve cast their gaze firmly on the prize, and you will not be needed!

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