7th May 2021 gecko

Once upon a time, the meat in the sandwich used to be the little man (or woman) the worker-bee.

“Now, people who are hesitant to take an experimental vaccine are collectively known as anti-vaxxers; they are the new meat in the sandwich.”

Collectivism is an extraordinary concept whereby everyone works for the common good. People are justly enthusiastic about safeguarding all the people in their local area, region or nation. Importantly though, it really means socialism, communism, marxism, fascism or even nazism. Ironically, anyone fundamentally opposed to forced vaccination by the back door is accused, at least of the latter two labels.  Yet, it continually feels so extraordinary that having this opposing view could get you labelled. What happened to discourse? Or, is it, as it appears to be, that everyone will literally sacrifice anything to get to the new normal?

Enthusiasm for taking the vaccine is exemplary. If people feel that they need it – no one is standing in their way and everybody no doubt welcomes their reasons’ for doing so. So, why not respect the nay-sayer?

Comparisons have been made to past vaccines created over the years that have protected people from diseases such as polio. Reluctant citizens, though, would highlight the fact that at least those vaccines were thoroughly tested before being released on the human race.

There can be only one. Vaccination!

Every day we witness unprecedented vitriol directed at anyone that doesn’t relish this mainstream view. Worryingly it is as if people cannot wait any longer to become slaves

And, now. Children, too. In the USA, testing has begun on kids as young as 6-months old. In Canada, they are rolling out the vaccine to 12 to 15-year-olds. Surely, even advocates of the vaccine would have a slight reservation about doing that? 

Furthermore, there are long-standing and well-documented medications available as an alternative to the vaccine. Peer-reviewed cases and reports show a considerable improvement in a coronavirus patients health before when using these medicines. Why then are these options criticized or barred from use in arresting this pandemic?

Over a year ago, it was all about managing hospital admissions and protecting the vulnerable, necessitating lockdowns. They would say we need 70% of people to get the virus and recover to achieve herd immunity, which later became 80%, 90%, 95%, and finally unachievable unless a vaccine is injected into every man, woman, and child worldwide. Eh? How did that happen? Are these not the experts? I mean, they told us to listen to every word they said.

Country after country lines up to follow whatever measures are undertaken by another state. Nations with less developed epidemiology departments undertake the same actions as ‘larger’ nations for fear of being left behind; or for implementing the wrong [diktat] measures. Realistically then, experts are seriously thin on the ground if a nation-state cannot make up its own mind?

Cyprus’ curtailment of civil liberties has been nothing short of astounding – going well beyond the norm imposed by other European nations. With impunity, they are ready to and have used water cannon. Honestly? A few years ago, could you ever have imagined that happening here?

If 80% of people in Cyprus decide to take the vaccine, why worry about the 20% that refuse to do so? Presumably, vaccinated people won’t be concerned about non-vaccinated citizens specifically. At least, they might be until they take the 3rd, 4th, 5th or more jab. It’s an essential but often overlooked word, ‘CITIZENS’, because non-vaccinated people have precisely the same rights as vaccinated people.

There is only one way out of this pandemic. And, that is to stop treating people like children; or worse.

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