It’s flourishing in Ukraine, Olena Zelenska proved it

27th December 2022
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What if you learned that Nazism never went away? It is alive and well and robust throughout Europe, but in particular? – It’s flourishing in Ukraine. Everyone who cannot see what is happening is complicit or just plain ignorant.

You might think – “oh, hell, here is yet another conspiracy theory about Ukraine.” 

Yet, you would see the soft underbelly of government and legacy media that have played you for so long if only you would lift the veil. And don’t for one minute think they haven’t manipulated you. This is the sucker punch – you didn’t see coming. But you should have if only you asked a few more questions instead of vilifying anyone trying to wake you up.

The Pandemic adherents are war adherents gleefully drinking down whatever is served.

Youtube and other social media promoting Ukraine are to blame.

They cancel and remove accounts that dare to publish the ‘wrong’ content yet make public vicious and disturbing videos that seemingly pass all of their guidelines. Nope? Don’t believe me? See this below – How is it appropriate that this is still a publicly available non-age-restricted video for the past eight months?…

… when in the Donbas, this little old lady’s interaction with the Ukrainian militia that first hoodwinked her into thinking they were Russian liberators is ‘cancelled’?

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How is such graphic content that portends to the ‘right speak’ permitted, and other content is denied the right to reply? How are you not allowed to have both sides to the story? People don’t honestly care to know more. 

Ukrainian kill-list website “” documents those who have already been killed and those on their ‘target list’ to be assassinated. Including notable names such as Roger Waters [link], who simply wants an end to the conflict. They are hosted by ‘Cloudflare’, a well-known hosting and Content Distribution Network (“CDN”) based in Canada (funny that!). However, according to their website, they are headquartered in Langley, Virginia (uh-huh) and Poland – hmm! But the rest of their records are redacted, so you cannot see who registered their domain name in 2015. Interesting, don’t you think that this domain name was created in 2015, right after Ukrainian forces first started killing people in the Donbas?

  • Cloudflare is a global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable.” Yeah Right!

Independent journalists such as those from also made it onto the kill list following a recent visit to the Donbas. 

Only with tacit consent can a website like this continue to publish!

This is the Ukrainian leadership you think is worthy? Their corruption is undeniable – even before the ‘war’ started, Ukraine held the indelible mark as the 4th most corrupt nation on earth. That takes some doing out of the 195 countries in the world. And yet you stand with Ukraine, displaying solidarity with your profile picture updates? You stand with Raytheon and every other prominent war investor.

At a recent event in Lisbon, Portugal, Olena Zelenska, who was attending, managed to remove one of the speakers (wrong-thunk) by threatening the organisers with losing event investors if they did not submit to her demands. It seems rather unconventional but no more than the incredulous Vogue Exposé. No? Then, hear it from the horse’s mouth!

The long and established fascist history of Ukraine is laid-bare if only you would take the time to read. Turn off the Mainstream and Legacy media and do your research; we promise it will be illuminating. 

They have their ‘saint’ in Stepan Bandera, whose entire history reads like, well, you know who.


Free will demands that you know the truth. It is long overdue that people started asking more of their leaders (yuck!), such leaders we do not need.

Stand up. Be counted.

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