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19th January 2016
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19th January 2016 gecko

Sunshine Carers Cyprus (Nursing Agency) was an inspired creation and a much need service to Cyprus

Sunshine Carers will always treat you as a private individual and create a care plan that is adjustable and based on your changing needs. We provide the care and support you need – only when you need it – in the safety and comfort of your own home, as respite on holiday or whilst you are in hospital.

Ada and Mark Davies are both really passionate about Personal Health Care and Home Care Nursing. We know there is a large number of people in Cyprus who are not able to get the care they really needed and deserved. Our aim is to change that.

There are a few other Health Care providers in Cyprus – but sometimes their services seem to be based around what they could provide – rather than what the client actually needs.

Sunshine Carers are considered by many as the leading Home Care Nursing provider in Cyprus, after all, they do cover the whole of Cyprus – and they’re rightly very proud of that. Here’s why they think their services stands out above the rest…

We Do What We Say We Will…

Many services based companies forget this somewhere along the line – we promise you – WE WON’T. We won’t make promises we can’t keep and we will never forget how important you are to us. You have your own needs, wants and likes – we always respect and encourage that. Keeping a strong sense of your own identity helps you stay healthier and happier. And that’s what we’re all working together for, a happy, healthy future?

And it’s one of the reasons we will never have Care Packages. It’s impossible to respect your individuality then give you a one size fits all Care Package. Every client is provided with an individual plan – to suit their individual needs

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