Print Design isn’t dead, it’s just having a nap

27th June 2018 gecko

Print Design and why it should still be thriving…

Actually, Print Design is alive and kicking and providing excellent marketing opportunities to forward-thinking businesses in the Paphos region and throughout Cyprus. Not everyone is taking advantage. Why? Recycled Magazine and newspaper adverts are all too apparent, and, have little regard for changing trends.

Print Design Cyprus | Print Marketing Solutions from Gecko Design

It’s inexpensive and effective

It certainly is. Nowadays costs for print design and production is easily affordable. Whilst once-upon-a-time there were just a few printers and copy shops. Now, they are everywhere in the Paphos region and throughout Cyprus. Offering affordable high-quality print solutions for all types of customers.

When we started in print design brochures and business cards, posters etc were the mainstay. However, they were also quite expensive.

Prices first dropped with the advent of online companies such as Vistaprint. Low-cost printing, that was also reliable and of good quality had finally arrived. Now, of course, we see all sorts of material used for print. Vinyl, for example, is durable and does not easily fade.

Print Design Copenhagen Zoo Vehicle Wrap
Print Design - Copenhagen Zoo Vehicle Wrap

In the early 1990’s we were involved in one of the first Vehicle Wraps businesses to open in the UK.

In those days, these wraps cost a lot of money. And, small businesses often couldn’t consider their implementation. Our idea was to sponsor the print. So, larger companies with big marketing budgets sponsored ‘private’ vehicles. The car owner would then drive an agreed distance per month, through pre-described routes, and earn a small (though not insignificant) income.

Nowadays, Vehicle Wraps are much more affordable. And, in the UK for example, some people wrap their cars as the paintwork fades over the years instead of having them re-sprayed. That’s a brilliant solution. Of course, we’ve all seen the wraps on the buses in the Paphos region. This type of Print Design is hugely popular and highly desirable. There are some very good designs out there.

Vehicle Wrap Print Design Paphos by Gecko Design
Simplicity is often the best idea

Print Design Adapts

As you would expect. Every year there is a new trend just as in fashion and technology this is also true in design; both for print and online. Knowing whether or not to react to these trends is usually largely defined by your target audience. If, for example, you sell hearing aids – it’s unlikely you will need to swiftly adapt to changing trends and styles in print design. But you still need to adapt. And, monitor changes in online marketing [see our stories about Google Algorithm and Obtaining Better Search Results]

However, if you are a seasonal business attracting tourists throughout the summer it’s a different story. Keep an eye on developing trends and you will be seen as ‘happening‘ and ‘up-to-date‘ – even “trendy”. Like any design theory, this is what print design delivers. A Tourist will easily understand your ‘thought-provoking’ ideas – no matter their nationality. If your marketing is good enough!

Print Design Tri-Fold Brochure | Gecko Design Cyprus
Latest Tri-Fold Brochure
Print Design Beach Flags | Gecko Design, Cyprus
Beach Flags
Logo Design Cyprus by Gecko Design in Polis Chrysochous, Paphos
Logo Design

How do you know what is trending and what isn’t?

Research! Competitors, Marketplace and what ‘they are doing in other countries‘ is the obvious place to start. We can help with this kind of research – and provide our thoughts on your next best steps. Once you’ve settled on the design idea, you need to think about content. Historically, what print marketing worked best for your business? How are you going to distribute your print?

If it’s an offer for the month of August, you need to have supplied the creative to a Magazine by mid-July. Being prepared is key. Do you showcase your print offers on your website or on social media? If not, you should consider doing so, because people receiving your print marketing in their hand, may well check-you-out online.

Print Design and Marketing is a companion to Online Marketing. A Stablemate.

Of course, as an online marketing agency in Cyprus, we push a lot of digital marketing. However, some tourists (especially mature tourists) do not always use search engines or social media to find a business. They need to be engaged differently. With print marketing.

Gecko Design print production and adverts for magazines, newspapers, brochures and business cards
Print Design for Magazines in Cyprus
Logo Design in the UK | Gecko Design, Cyprus
Logo Design
Stationary created for Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin
Stationary created for Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin
Stationary created for Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin

Whilst we don’t do the printing, we do create the print design

We provide sensibly priced designs that you can take to any printer. From Business cards, letterheads and compliment slip to Tri-fold brochures, Adverts for Magazines and Newspapers, T-shirts, Flags & Posters and Vehicle Wraps. We provide screen resolution proofs and once approved transfer the design in vector file format and PDF to your chosen print company and to you, for your backup and archive.

We work with many clients on a monthly-retainer. This is ideal when you are often scheduling print runs for magazines or special offer flyers that are regularly distributed.

This works brilliantly for both the customer and for ourselves. Scheduling print distribution ensures that it absolutely delivers the story you need to tell. It also avoids grammatical and spelling mistakes and provides plenty of time to work (and re-work) the design until it hits-the-nail-on-the-head.

We can help put a little ‘pezzaz’ into your Cyprus Living and PALS Magazine Adverts…

If you think that we might be able to help your Print Design in Paphos (and Cyprus), please get in touch.

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