Tourism Marketing in Cyprus for 2021

14th January 2021 gecko

We are all acutely aware of how the Covid-19 pandemic has hurt many businesses and ruined many more. We were all unprepared for something on this scale. And, now we must focus on better and stronger tourism marketing in Cyprus for 2021. So, what are we going to do?

Here are five easy steps you can take that will cost you little but which will streamline your tourism marketing otherwise known as ‘Destination Marketing’.

1) Understand your target audience

Going-in all guns blazing and hoping to ‘catch-all’ is both time-consuming and self-defeating. Having a clear idea of who is exactly your kind of customer is the place to start. And it’s easy to refine. By merely looking back at historical data, you can make assumptions about the customers you can expect to visit in the coming year.

Are they, for example; families, couples or solo travellers? What types of tours and activities did they buy last time they were in Cyprus? Have they already expressed a certainty to return (because they had such a good time)?

  • Women in the 35-49 age group account for 68% of all internet searches related to family holidays and 59% for all travel searches. 
  • The other 32% is, again, women in the 50-65 age group. So, you ignore women at your peril.

Assuming this is what you have seen for your own business, it makes sense to ensure you appeal to the people most likely planning family holidays. Likewise, the smaller groups of couples and solo-travellers should be your second consideration. I am just saying!

5 easy steps for better Tourism Marketing in Cyprus for 2021

2) Understand the digital characteristics of your audience

Discovering your business, your products and services can be easily divided into several steps. Many interactions with your website usually take place before holidaymakers have even arrived in Cyprus. There is a good reason for this, as in point one above. Families are looking for quality accommodation, a relaxing atmosphere and things-to-do that will appeal to the kids.

You then have to create content and promotions that stand out and help people feel good about what you have to offer. Because if you do not, many competitors will.

Thinking about tourism marketing, then for 2021 includes:

  • The Dream Phase: a Mother (usually) is searching for ideas and inspiration
  • The Decision Phase: She is narrowing down on the possibilities and is close to deciding what is best for the family.
  • The Booking Phase: Here we go, ready to book, needs to be sure you offer exactly what they need.
  • The Last Phase, The Experience: In addition to staying in your hotel, or your holiday home, this family makes sure there is plenty for them to do.

With the help of your website, without changing anything; can you already convince them to choose you?

5 easy steps for better Tourism Marketing in Cyprus for 2021

3) Focus on Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves ‘everything’ including; your blog, your youtube videos, tweets, Instagram – you name it. Achieving a coherent message across all these channels isn’t always easy. It is tricky to get right, not least because EVERYBODY has an opinion. 

Any content you write must be RELEVANT to the audience you are targeting, and it must help you stand out. Otherwise, what is the point?

It’s imperative in 2021 to not only attract new clients but also to encourage existing clients to return. The quality of what you write (and say) must be good enough to encourage likes, shares and comments across your social media. Written well, you may well also attract the attention media outlets who will highlight what you do best.

Ergo, pointless creating endless blog posts that rarely focus squarely on your main goals.

Remember, you do NOT always need to shout about your products and services. It is crucial to become the authority in your niche and build on inbound marketing techniques. Stop fighting for the scraps!

5 easy steps for better Tourism Marketing in Cyprus for 2021

4) Go! Local with Tourism Marketing

Repeatedly we see clients making little use of local search engines and google my business services. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can give you the edge – but it is overlooked.

How do you optimise for local SEO?

  • Reviews, reviews, reviews. We cannot emphasise enough to encourage reviews of your business from both Facebook and Google users.
  • Try creating blog posts that use local SEO keywords, such as ‘Boat Trips in Latchi’ or ‘website design polis chrysochous‘ – ignore the adverts 😉
  • Ensure that the things you write about contain location-specific content to ensure people find your content when searching in your locale.
  • Lastly, start talking to other like-minded businesses by creating ‘backlinks’ between you and them.

5) Time to Pay!

If you’ve explored all the above options and you have a budget, then it’s time to look at targeted pay-per-click adverts. That might be Facebook or Google Ads – whatever you choose – your tourism marketing adverts must be compelling. Resist opting for your business name and essential services. Instead, make people believe in what you have to offer. 

Think beyond an advert that has an image and a little bit of introductory text. Think bigger! More than 64% of site visitors say watching a video inspired them to buy, and 52% of them found that Facebook was the most fruitful.

By doing the right tourism marketing, can tourists look forward to spending time with you?

Having spent most of 2020 at home, holidaymakers will be ready this year, and oh so willing to take a vacation in 2021. The worldwide restrictions have had an impact on their health and happiness. 

Improving your tourism marketing in 2021 will be critical if you want to ensure your competitors do not even come close. If you’d like to discuss the next steps – then please, get in touch!

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